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Mar 19, 29491
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Hayden: Hello there miss.
Kittiefixie: Good evening.
Kittiefixie: Don't mind me. I'm not here in any official capacity.
Kittiefixie: I was here with Dagget once, but he seems to be missing.
Hayden: These are open to all clan. So you are fine my dear.
Zagadka: Welcome. As is customary, we will wait five minutes for any stragglers to arrive.
Hayden: Ah Mr. Jacobi!
Jacobi: Hello Hayden
Hayden: How have you been?
Jacobi: I have been just fine
Hayden: I see you still enjoy your vices.
Jacobi: Always
Youny: Don't we all?
Zagadka: Please hold a moment
Zagadka: We are expecting a guest
Hayden: Oh?
Jacobi: You are refering to Miss Phare?
Hayden: Miss Phare?
Falikos: Present.
Zagadka: Welcome, please have a seat in the auditorium.
Jacobi: She hold the position of Foreign Affairs Minister in Newland City
Youny: Hello Kate.
Hayden: Ah excellent!
Hayden: Hello Minister, welcome to the council.
Falikos: Just Kate, and thank you for the welcome.
Hayden: Oh? So now we have really met.
Zagadka: Welcome to the Feb 1, 29489 (2015) Council of Truth meeting
Zagadka: For the record, we welcome Minister Phare of Newland to this meeting
Zagadka: Activity in the Council has been light since we last met
Zagadka: Our concerns have primarily been with the ongoing conflict with cyborgs
Silverstone: Good Evening,
Zagadka: Welcome Commander
Hayden: Hello Mr. Silverstone.
Silverstone: Please, continue.
Silverstone: Something about cyborgs.
Zagadka: We have had no filed reports on progress in these battles...
Zagadka: At our last gathering, Mr. Jacobi mentioned that he may have a report...
Jacobi: He has actually had more interaction with them in general since the last meeting
Silverstone: A fair comment.
Jacobi: And Simon, where is your helmet?
Silverstone: Care to convert?
Zagadka: How have we fared, Commander?
Silverstone: The Sentinel HQ took a few hits, from some sort of long range energy weapon.
Silverstone: Aside from the occaisional incursion from the renegade cyborgs that usually stray into our territory. This was...different.
Silverstone: Perimeter guards reclaimed and the external perimeter wall took a few pot shots.
Silverstone: I'd argue by the fact the rounds hit the wall, we're dealing with an amateur. But by the fact that there was no signs of energy discharge in five miles, suggests that we're dealing with technology that doesn't match that description.
Silverstone: I think someone was testing our defences, the energy didn't have an Omni-Tek or Neutral signature, so it wasn't anyone we've outright labelled as an enemy so far.
Silverstone: But, never know who else wants to declare us unlawful. So far, it's still being investigated.
Zagadka: That is troubling... a powerful weapon in the hands of an amateur?
Silverstone: Quite possibly.
Silverstone: There were no grid signature spikes, or so I'm told. So it's not like someone fired a weapon through the grid either.
Silverstone: We're talking long range, energy pulse weapon. Something with at least 6, maybe more miles in range.
Silverstone: Like a ship weapon, power scaled down maybe? The orbital platforms have incredible range, but wouldn't do as minor damage as this weapon did.
Zagadka: That'll be hard to track down... though I assume it would have a power source.
Silverstone: S'like taking a notum cannon and running it on a watch battery.
Silverstone: The signature is odd, it's showing two different energy types from the scans we gathered. Partially exothermic and endothermic, but not entirely both.
Zagadka: We'll have to cast a wide net... but be sure to not panic anyone. If the weapon has not demonstrated a direct threat, we can arrange closer watch.
Silverstone: I'd recommend general caution, any more shots, trace source and call for backup.
Silverstone: The more this thing is fired, the more chance we have of triangulating the source.
Silverstone: A weapon with that range would require recoil stabilisers with todays technology, which means it woudn't be a simple point and click.
Silverstone: Oooh, a question.
Jacobi: Hopefully any damage from it would be no worse than what you have already encountered
Zagadka: If we have forces engaging the cyborgs, we can keep a sharper lookout.
Silverstone: ~Everyone wants a shot at us in some way or another~
Silverstone: To my knowledge? One time event.
Silverstone: The...contacts we have in Omni-Tek aren't exactly forthcoming with information.
Silverstone: and by contacts I mean, pried for information before being reclaimed. I haven't gone wussy.
Jacobi: Imagine that
Zagadka: Well, Omnis...
Silverstone: What is this world coming to, not even a bullet to the head gets you much anymore.
Zagadka: Minister Phare, we do welcome sharing knowledge of this threat with neutral forces.
Silverstone: Try not to drop all our cards onto the table, no?
Zagadka: The more eyes, Commander, the better.
Silverstone: If they're taking the shot, saves us from.
Hayden: Did I hear you right Simon?
Hayden: Your actually speaking to Omni personnel?
Silverstone: Screaming, I believe is a more accurate term.
Jacobi: Before he shoots them that is.
Silverstone: Question. Answer. Gunshot. Repeat.
Silverstone: Something like that.
Zagadka: On point... we will get word of these... energy spikes... to our forces in that area. They should be on patrol sniffing out the cyborgs.
Silverstone: I don't go straight for the headshot. Knees first.
Silverstone: A good thought about the energy spikes.
Silverstone: If I hear anymore, I'll ping it out.
Zagadka: Regarding that cyborg threat, has there been any change? Different tactics, information about their leader?
Silverstone: Their comm network is still silent, for one.
Silverstone: Either they're standalone units, or they've switched to another frequency.
Silverstone: Based on the erratic behaviour of the ones that ventured into Sentinel HQ? They're erratic.
Silverstone: Normally, one goes down, the others are aware and are able to adapt their tactics to it. But this time, they just seemed like repetitive cannon fodder.
Zagadka: Give this threat and... recent information... I believe we should patrol aggressively in that region, regardless.
Jacobi: I believe both the Sentinels and the Knights have been quite active on that front
Jacobi: Which I suspect is why Sir Tristram isnt here today
Silverstone: Aye. We've setup a driving range outside HQ for pot shots at the buggers.
Silverstone: We've been modifying Sentinel weapons too, seems there's an EM frequency they don't like.
Jacobi: Indeed?
Zagadka: Still in testing phases, I assume?
Silverstone: We're working on a weapon that solely uses it.
Silverstone: Where as now, we're making modifications to existing weapons.
Silverstone: Gave one a go the other day, they're highly effective.
Jacobi: Do you have any technical schematics you would like to share on that if we want to likewise modify our weapons as well Simon?
Silverstone: I can at that.
Silverstone: Ahem.
Silverstone reads from the unit.
Silverstone: Particle-anti-particle reaction chamber attached to energy weapon at chamber, energy yield set at 300%. Chamber discharge causes excitation and dissociation of nuclei in most life forms, including cybernetic.
Silverstone: Contact causes high-energy particle shower, interaction varies with type of matter encountered.
Silverstone: It's highly effective at cooking them from the inside out.
Silverstone: One more thing.
Zagadka: I'm sure the Vanguards and other member organizations would he happy to help... beta test. I recommend putting some resources into this as needed. The Council will do what it can organizationally. Omni-Tek is certainly providing some prime testing sources out in the wastes.
Jacobi: Its the cybernetics we need to test against.
Silverstone: High-energy Gamma Radiation causes a spiral degredation effect in the weapon, five to ten shots recommended before weapon must either be decontaminated or decommissioned. Individuals firing weapons are recommended to reclaim after twenty shots. Fifty shots and above may cause irrepairable mutation of subject and disengage link with reclaimation system.
Silverstone: I'm happy to hand out the modifications, as long as the information is shared as well. The sooner we get this field test stage complete, the sooner we can get this weapon underway.
Hayden: Sounds like its just a danerous to its user, as what your shooting at.
Zagadka: Yes?
Silverstone: What can I say? We're getting desperate.
Silverstone: I will take those exact words on board.
Silverstone: ~Whatever they mean~
Hayden: Fair point indeed Minister.
Zagadka: As the Commander noted, we are fighting against forces from the wastes, but safety before deploying such a weapon is well advised.
Silverstone: Yes, although most insects and pond-life gone wrong wears an Omni-badge.
Zagadka: Monitoring the health of the... volunteers, I presume... doing the testing would seem as important as the effects down range
Silverstone: Long term volunteers are essentially taking a death sentence if they're not careful.
Silverstone: Potentially it's tempting to gift a few to the Neuts. See how they take them without the warning.
Silverstone: A conversation for another time, perhaps.
Zagadka: I'd suggest getting an outside agency to do some tests, perhaps Mr. Jacobi can arrange something.
Zagadka: I'd want to see some independent medical analysis before too long.
Silverstone: I'd recommend capturing an Omni-Med scientist to assist.
Hayden: Yes of course you would.
Silverstone: Once assistance is complete, conversion or permadeath could be an appropriate compensation for their efforts.
Silverstone: What's that supposed to mean Hayden!?
Jacobi: Perhaps more techincal expertiese would be more cost effective.
Hayden: You know my views on matters Simon.
Jacobi: Not so much damage to the user at the intended target and all that
Zagadka: I think we can dig up the resources for medical supervision without resorting to... utilizing Omni-Tek personell
Jacobi: And it sounded to me like that perhaps we had a volunteer to assist?
Zagadka: Independent oversight may prove useful.
Silverstone: Anything to less irradiate my Sentinels, the betters.
Zagadka: I know your views on sharing our resources, Commander, and the testing is at your discretion, but I'd advise utilizing resources that would... distribute the burden.
Silverstone: The sooner we deal with the cyborgs the better.
Zagadka: We can always use more soldiers taking out cyborgs on our borders.
Zagadka: We'll leave those developments to our professionals for the coming period.
Zagadka: Do any member organizations have other business or statements?
Youny: No from here at the moment.
Hayden: I would like a chance to speak, if there is nothing else on the agenda.
Zagadka: You have the floor, Hayden
Hayden: Most of you already know Terra-Firma's stance on matters.
Hayden: For the sake of the minister, ill rehash a bit of it.
Hayden: We believe in democracy. Terra Firma has ran itself as such for many years.
Hayden: We would like to see a push for more peacful ways to end the violence. Peace talks and the like.
Hayden: I want to pose a question here today. We are another year closer to the end of Omni-Tek's lease.
Hayden: What will happen if they do not renew, or are denied it?
Hayden: Do the clans plan to lease out the planet?
Silverstone: Wouldn't we need a greater claim of ownership than the one we have?
Hayden: Yes, and the funding to boot.
Silverstone: Like, takeover of other territories.
Hayden: It is more likely that we would end up in the same boat in reality.
Hayden: Just with a differnt corporation.
Silverstone: Damned if we do, damned if we don't.
Hayden: SOL banking comes to mind.
Hayden: Do we want to deal with an unknow threat in the future?
Hayden: Think of our children to come, still engaged in warfare with a corporation.
Zagadka: We do have to consider how much we can effectively control.
Silverstone: Unless we make the corporate land uninhabitable.
* Faint muttering near microphone* Kittiefixie: "There are /always/ future unknown threats."
Hayden: This is why Terra Firma pushes for peaceful solotuions with Omni-Tek. If we can establish a democratic goverment WITH omni- tek, we may be able to actually enjoy real peace.
Zagadka: Is the purpose of the Clans to end Omni-Tek rule and allow independence for all, or do we plan to replace Omni-Tek?
Hayden: Exactly.
Hayden: The clans have lost their focus on what we are even fighting for.
Silverstone: Only because we're like a multi-headed beast with bi- polar disorder.
Hayden: That why change must start at home first Mr.Silverstone.
Zagadka: We don't want to become Omni-Tek, I think. No opinion here is invalid.
Silverstone: Commander.
Hayden: I am not say we should be taken over by them or submit to them by any means
Hayden: And I am not saying this would be easy.
Silverstone: Doesn't exactly sound like a walk in the park in the first place.
Zagadka: Running the Notum mines, shipping, deals with other planets, operating the terraforming stations, defense against aliens, cyborgs, rebels...
Hayden: We can keep spinning our wheels shooting each other, or try to find other ways to end the conflict.
Hayden: This is not sometihng that would happen overnight, i know.
Hayden: And I dont expect any big descision to be made even today.
Hayden: I just want to point out these truths, so maybe change can take root.
Zagadka: That is a lot to consider, thank you. I imagine we all have discussions we need to have with our own organizations.
Hayden: Thank you for the oppertunity to speak.
Jacobi: It depends on what would be the most optimal way of dealing with these things, the most profitable, and the best for our people.
Hayden: Indeed Jacob.
Zagadka: We decided in a previous session to have open relations with the neutral leadership...
Zagadka: And we are seeing the groundwork of that here today.
Zagadka: I will raise the question to the Council, first, if we are open to having a liaison with Omni-Tek officially, and if we do, who that contact should be.
Zagadka: Do we have any comments on that?
Zagadka: Commander Silverstone's guns will not be accepted as diplomats.
Hayden: I am not opposed.
Silverstone: Son of a....
Jacobi: I somehow do not expect an Omni Rep would recieve the same welcome that a neutral one has.
Hayden: I would make a condition on it however.
Zagadka: I don't foresee us letting them in this tower, no...
Zagadka: Yes, Hayden?
Hayden: If we are to allow a rep of theirs here, they would have to extend the same coutresy to us.
Zagadka: It would be an exchange of equals, yes.
Silverstone: So long as the Tower remains within the walls of Tir and Tir under the protection of my Sentinels, an Omni representative will never be allowed here.
Zagadka: Given the small likelihood of us physically moving this structure, I think we have to work with those circumstances.
Zagadka: So we generally agree that we would talk to Omni-Tek representatives outside of official meetings to see the road ahead a bit more clearly?
Jacobi: I believe that sort of discourse might prove much more profitable all around
Zagadka: For my part, I think we can't simply ignore them...
Silverstone: I volunteer Watchman Tombak to assist in the protection of the representatives.
Zagadka: Perhaps we can find some... neutral... ground to meet on, for assurances on both sides.
Silverstone: Perhaps somewhere ironic. Like the crater in Borealis the last time Omni-Tek tried to venture into something they had no true control over...
Zagadka: I'm sure they will remember that for a long time to come.
Silverstone: Deserved it, for the attempt to fire on Tir alone.
Zagadka: As clerk, I would be happy to send out feelers to Omni leaders.
Zagadka: I would welcome everyone to make use of contacts, but please direct any offiical communications to the Council.
Silverstone: If you will excuse me, I need to cut my attendance here short.
Zagadka: Our gridsite is up and active, and I would be happy to correlate data.
Zagadka: I think we are concluding our business as is, Commander.
Silverstone: Nevertheless, I need to go prepare the Sentinel HQ.
Zagadka: It has been a long session, but productive, I think.
Zagadka: I would like to, finally, invite Minister Phare to make any comments...?
Zagadka: The next meeting of the Council will be on April 5. Thank you all for attending and participating in our process, and special thank you to Minister Phare. This session of the Council is closed. Good hunting!
Silverstone: Until next time.
Silverstone: I personally can't wait until we have no choice but to hand over our lands. Infact, I'll go tell my Sentinels to lay down their weapons, drop their trousers and prepare for reform.
Silverstone: Council of Faff.
Hayden: That man is stubborn.
Youny: positive attitude there.
Zagadka: I have quite a bit of paperwork to process after this.
Jacobi: Subborn.. isnt the half of it.
Zagadka: Good seeing you all, it is encouraging!
Youny: I should head out too. Business doesn't do itself.
Hayden: Yes, I do enjoy these get togethers.
Kittiefixie: Thank you for letting me attend.
Youny: See you later, Fya and Kate.
Jacobi: Indeed Mrs Blackwold
Youny: Always.
Youny: Was good seeing both of you again though.
Youny: I will!
Youny: Well hug him.. I'm unsure if I'll see him before you do though.
Youny: Busy busy.
Falikos: Well, if I see him I'll tell him to get his butt home more often.
Youny: That would be amazing.
Youny: But yeah, I have to go. See you around, I hope!
Hilfy: Interesting as always. Believe I will be leav



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