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Mar 19, 29491
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Zagadka: As is our custom, we will have a grace period for anyone lagging behind. Make yourselves comfortable.
Zagadka: Hm
*faintly in the background:* Zagadka: A brief moment of hope
Cosmicfreak: We could use some labeling system, here
Zagadka: Welcome to the June 7, 29489 (2015) Council of Truth meeting
Zagadka: We seem to be in a similar position to last time, and that hurts - but seeing this number of representatives is very encouraging
Zagadka: Our agenda will, by necessity, be very short. If you have something you want brought up, please send me a tell
Zagadka: The first item is a report from Commander Silverstone on testing the new tech Jacobi brought to us, which will be tabled again until the next meeting.
Zagadka: The second item would be any changes in the recent organized intrusion of cyborgs.
Zagadka: This defense program was behing handled by Mr. Jabobi... so unless someone has a statement on that, it will also be tabled again.
Zagadka: Yes, Ms. Hill?
Hilfy: Can assume the theat is temporarily diminished as both Kaleb Chase and Bahirae were terminated.
Zagadka: The danger does seem passed
Hilfy: If necessery, can provide the council with logs.
Zagadka: But there were some... interactions that resulted from the cyborg attacks... such as the new tech brought to us
Zagadka: I will, however, remove the cybrog attacks from the agenda, unless something pops up. The weapons tech is already being handled.
Zagadka: Yes, Mr. Kirklin?
Ragunn: Ah promised Ah'd be like Ah wasnae here, but Ah've got tae add or ask when it comes tae Chase and Seruguisu. There were some complications wiv how th' borgs were dealt wiv in th' Shadowlands. That bein looked into?
Zagadka: I do not have any records of that, so I don't think it was addressed here
Ragunn: Figures. That was all Ah had.
Zagadka: Is there something you do want to bring up, maybe for the next meeting?
Zagadka: Alright, thank you
Zagadka: The remaining item on the agenda is, thankfully, something we can discuss
Zagadka: Essentially, it is how we react to Omni-Tek's lease ending
Cosmicfreak: We kick them off!
Zagadka: We have been conflicted on how we proceed - settle down with this as our territory, join up with an opponent like Sol Banking, or... yes, kick them out.
Cosmicfreak: I vote third option
Zagadka: I am still trying to get a diplomatic line to the Omnis and Neuts. It has been previously agreed that we would exchange ambassadors with the Neuts, but, by all means, not OT.
Zagadka: Yes, Mr. Stritzke
Cosmicfreak: When was the last time diplomacy solved anything with Omni Tek?
Cosmicfreak: I say we waste our time prolonging the inevitable
Zagadka: That does seem to be the prevailing attitude
Zagadka: The question it raises is how we get the resources for a large scale conflict... such as joining Sol or another opponent of Omni-Tek...
Zagadka: We can definitely procure the notum for them, but is that trading one slave master for another, or gaining an ally?
Ragunn: Ah've a note on that.
Cosmicfreak: I believe it's the first
Zagadka: Mr. Kirklin?
Ragunn: Jus' sayin. Came back tae Ka a year back frae a maistly SOL- run -- not owned -- planet. Four years o' war between SOL an' th' populace. Ya can guess Ah'm nae a fan o' 'em.
Ragunn: They play jus' as bad as Tek.
Zagadka: Does anyone here disagree with the general course of fighting until the Omnis are off the rock, but without dealing with another company?
Zagadka: Yes, Ms, Katsulas?
Kittiefixie: If... if we were to throw OmniTek off the planet, what would happen to any OmniTek employees living here? Could they stay?
Zagadka: That is a very good question, actually
Zagadka: I believe it would depend how the fighting would go. We would also have to find status for the neuts.
Kittiefixie: Perhaps these things should be figured out beforehand.
Zagadka: Yes, better know what to do than suddenly have a large number of people roaming...
Zagadka: We will bring that up with Mr. Jacobi and Commander Silverstone (the latter may already have an idea in his head)
Zagadka: Ms. Hill, you had a comment?
Hilfy: Do we have the resources to fight Omni and then successfully hold the planet if we win? Driving off Omni-Tek only to leave ourselves weakened and vulnerable to another outside corporation to would not be of benefit. Is there any option for establishing a claim for rights to manage the planet?
Zagadka: I can't answer that personally, but a campaign would be a massive investment
Hilfy: It may also be something to look into further before taking action.
Zagadka: That will be on the future agenda
Zagadka: There is also working with ICC... since they would be handling the lease...
Zagadka: Mr. Stritzke?
Cosmicfreak: I was going to ask about ICC but you mentioned we are already working on it.
Cosmicfreak: That raises two questions, at least for me.
Cosmicfreak: Who is working on it?
Cosmicfreak: What is their current standing?
Zagadka: Our communication with Sir Tristram, Commander Silverstone, and Mr. Jacobi has been spotty recently, but we can address them for answers. The Legacy leaders have the only authority to make an official decision, though they frequently respect what we decide.
Cosmicfreak: That was a very bureaucratic reply
Zagadka: ... Thank you.
Zagadka: So the general consensus seems to be to reject any offers from Sol Banking?
Zagadka: Excellent, thank you. That makes our future decisions much easier.
Zagadka: I will forward that, along with questions regarding the ICC
Zagadka: It seems we can either take over the lease or fight for it. I think I know what most people would go for with those options.
Zagadka: Any other items for today's agenda?
Zagadka: Very well. We actually got some more decided today than we have before.
Zagadka: I'll be a little late posting the minutes from this session, but that won't really matter
Zagadka: Thank you all very much for your time and guidance
Zagadka: The next Council meeting will be August 2
Zagadka: I'd encourage use of the grid forums between then to facilitate our decisions
Zagadka: The Council meeting for June 7 is concluded.
Ragunn: Noted. Ta f'r ya time.
Kittiefixie: Thank you.
Zagadka: Good hunting, all
Hilfy: Be safe.
Kittiefixie: Be saf



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