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Mar 19, 29491
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Zagadka: Welcome to the Dec 5, 29489 (2015) Council of Truth meeting
Zagadka: Unfortunately, our agenda for this session relied heavily on reports from Commander Silverstone and Mr. Jacobi.
Zagadka: The first item, Commander Silverstone's update on new weapons testing, should be tabled
Zagadka: The next item is making some headway with relateions with ICC. We currently have no official policy on that.
Zagadka: We need to test the waters to see what the Clans decide
Zagadka: I will open the floor for any comments
Zagadka: Yes Kittiefixie
Kittiefixie: I think we really should try to talk to them if we can. I mean, it can't hurt if we can find allies there as well, can it?
Zagadka: Go ahead Hilfy
Hilfy: Have had previous dealings with ICC. Would request permission to function as Clan liaison to ICC.
Hilfy: Representational with no specific legacy clan ties.
Zagadka: Any objection?
Kittiefixie: I think this sounds like a good idea.
Zagadka: Well, then that passes.
Zagadka: What kind of offer are we willing to make with ICC, after Omni is booted off Rubi-Ka?
Zagadka: Yes?
Hilfy: Suggestion. Speculation. ICC's main interest is maintaining undisrupted export of notum. Recommend offering to take over the export and integrate any Omni personel that remain into the Clans.
Zagadka: Go ahead
Kittiefixie: I think we can probably cooperate on issues such as infrastructure and... stuff like that. Because it's in everyone's best interest to see to it that thise work. Omni-Tek or no Omni-Tek, that's the same.
Kittiefixie: But we should be nice to those who want to leave Omni- Tek then.
Zagadka: This kinda dovetails into the next issues; first, what resources to we need to run everything on RK?
Zagadka: Yes, Hilfy?
Hilfy: Agree with Kittie. Better infrastructure. Currently that is split between multiple groups and their areas of interest and that does not always merge effectively.
Zagadka: I believe that the size of OT's bureaucracy is something that we need to plan to match
Zagadka: Yes, Kittiefixie?
Kittiefixie: I think the ICC should be rather familiar to bureaucracy as well. They could probably keep track of things and... and...
Kittiefixie: I mean, that way the territories could work better together
Zagadka: So we would be outsourcing some significant parts of our infrastructure?
Kittiefixie: At least the planning and track keeping of it, perhaps
Kittiefixie: To get smoother transitions between different territories.
Zagadka: Well, we need to have outreach to ship our notum to...
Zagadka: Go ahead Hilfy
Hilfy: Would recommend hiering support to build infrastructure, but maintain records ourselves. Through the CoT and interaction with ICC.
Hilfy: ICC is collection of corporations.
Hilfy: Would suggest. Maintaining a presence in the ICC for the Clans. Equal representations.
Zagadka: Hm
Hilfy: We may not start with the planetary adn bureauratic power of other corporations. Need to look like we could though.
Hilfy: Done.
Zagadka: Any other comments on... us joining the ICC?
Zagadka: Go ahead Kittiefixie
Kittiefixie: I don't think we should see it as us joining them as much as us just... choosing to work with them on a few things. Because I think some people might get really, really angry at that.
Kittiefixie: And that would just make us have other problems
Zagadka: Go ahead
Hilfy: Not joining. Representation in ICC. Would still be Clans. Much as Omni, SOL and others are still independent entities with representatives in the ICC.
Zagadka: Right
Hilfy: The intention is to give Clans more support and backing to hold Rubi-Ka. Not to hand planet over to ICC.
Hilfy: Done.
Zagadka: We may run into some issues - any idea of working with outside corporations like SOL has been vehemently shot down before
Zagadka: However, having some voice in the ICC to counter Omni does seem prudent.
Kittiefixie: I agree with this.
Hilfy: Counter Omni and SOL.
Zagadka: Yes, meet as equals
Zagadka: Mr. Jacobi should have distribution of notum handled
Zagadka: The rest... terraforming, grid development, alien defense... we will have to look into
Zagadka: Yes?
Kittiefixie: We also must make sure we have enough farms to feed everyone should there be problems. And constructon materials. We can't forget real people in organisational stuff.
Kittiefixie: And if we makes things better for people, they will probably like us too.
Zagadka: Which leads us to how to treat Omnis as OT is removed... and perhaps during this struggle
Zagadka: Speaking as the representative of Forsaken, I think tht they have the training and resources we lack

Zagadka: Yes?
Kittiefixie: As I said, I think we should make sure to be nice to them if we at all can. Especialy since they can be very valuable and all that. If we treat them nicely, they should be happy to work with us instead.
*faintly near microphone* Kittiefixie: "I hope."
Zagadka: And you, Hilfy?
Hilfy: Much history between Omni and Clan. Speculation. Many would not accept a continuing Omni presence. Also, many clans are former Omni. Would suggest that those who remain loyal to Omni- Tek would find employment off-planet. Those that wish to remain, recommend integration into the Clans.
Hilfy: Done.
Zagadka: And I think we all know what Commander Silverstone would want
Zagadka: Go ahead Kittiefixie
Kittiefixie: I agree with Fya. I think we should try to talk first, but if it doesn't work, people who stil wants to work for Omni- Tek should probably seek work off planet.
Kittiefixie: Probably for their own safety as well.
Zagadka: You have something to add?
Ragunn: Yeah. I'm telling you that any fine plans we make now are going to go to hell the moment we start taking land and cities. And ya can, as ya put it, have trouble wiv some elements who just don't get the memo of not bashing in civvie skulls even if it's nailed t' their own.
Ragunn: Still, if we start drawing plans for what to do wiv possible leftovers of, le's say, mass evacuations by Omni-Tek, we got to control our ain hus first.
Ragunn: An' we better have a lot o' contingencies, or we are totally an' royally screwing ourselves.
Ragunn: Still, best bet -- nae terrorising civvies. 's like Hannah said. An' agree wiv Fya, too.
Zagadka: Well, what has come out of this meeting is having a representation in the ICC and utilizing any Omni-Tek employees willing to stay
Zagadka: As well as utilizing the ICC for some bureaucracy
Zagadka: I don't think we need to ask what to do with Omni insurgents...
Zagadka: But there are a number of tasks Omni is currently engaged in. As a body goes, it is big and heavy
Zagadka: There can't be a simple switch to turn on or off...
Zagadka: Well, we can get to that when we come to it. We have a lot of work getting our own systems running.
Hilfy: Infinite variables at the moment. Suggestion of ICC aid. Allow for as smooth as possible transfer of power.
Zagadka: Floor is yours Kittiefixie
Kittiefixie: I don't think this is going to be easy. Many things will probably go wrong alog the way. Just because one ends up getting lost along the way and other things happen, doesn't mean it's not a good idea knowing where one would actually like ending up. It's the best first step, I think.
Kittiefixie: Because then it's easier not to get as lost when things go wrong.
Zagadka: I think we need to show that we have plans, not just taking down Omni
Kittiefixie: Yes, exactly.
Hilfy: Show we are not just terrorists aiming at destroying anything Omni.
Zagadka: Alright, ket's leave planning for that to stew for a while
Zagadka: I'm going to open the floor to new motions
Zagadka: That seems to be the extent of what we can do. It is good seeing more peple join, and hopefully we can have a functioning body some time soon
Zagadka: The next meeting of the Council will be on Feb 5. Thank you all for your time and input.
Zagadka: * sorry, 6th
Kittiefixie: Thank you very much.
Zagadka: Good hunting, everyone
[Sounds of Ragunn chuckling in the background ]
Kittiefixie: Be safe!



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