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Mar 19, 29491
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Zagadka: Waiting for stragglers, as usual
Zagadka: Welcome to the Feb 6, 29490 (2016) Council of Truth meeting
Zagadka: As has been the case recently, we stand vigil
Zagadka: The items on today's agenda largely rely on feedback from Commander Silverstone and Mr. Jacobi...
Zagadka: We have not heard from either in some time
Kittiefixie: Are they all right?
Zagadka: The only actionable agenda item is deciding on a liaison for ICC, as part of groundwork for a working relationship
Zagadka: I have not heard from any of the Council leaders
Zagadka: Regarding the ICC, is there anything anyone wants included in the record?
Zagadka: All I would be able to do is make the request to the Council leaders... but a plan-
Zagadka: Yes, Hilfy
Zagadka: Please hold
Hilfy: If others agree, as a former ICC employee I have some familiarity with their bureaucray and would be willing to function in the capacity of a liaison between the Clans and ICC.
Zagadka: ... a wizard is never late
Zagadka: Kittiefixie, what was your comment?
Kittiefixie: I still stand by everything I've said on the previous meetings.
Kittiefixie: Oh, and I still stand behind Fya.
Valandris: No objections with what Fya said here.
Kittiefixie: As a liason to the ICC, I mean.
Zagadka: The more we reach out, the better we will be represented
Zagadka: Does anyone have an issue with Ms. Hill serving as our liaison?
Zagadka: Very well. Hopefully we can stop spinning wheels in the mud and have some activity outside this chamber
Zagadka: Do you accept this role, Hilfy?
Hilfy: Oui
Zagadka: Thank you for your dedication
Zagadka: Without any new data or feedback from the Legacy leaders, I will move on to opening the floor for new motions
Zagadka: ... or feedback, comments, suggestions...
Zagadka: Yes?
Kittiefixie: I think we need some organised way of dealing with people leaving Omni-Tek. There seems to be a lot of them, and I think... we should figure out a way to deal with them. So they can feel safe wit us, and know what to expect.
Kittiefixie: Then perhaps more would.
Valandris: Its hard to break the fear that is instilled into them.
Kittiefixie: Yes, but some of us really don't help, do they?
Zagadka: Commander Silverstone would object. However, he is not here.
Hilfy: Some may be willing to break free of the corporation, but would need help. Agree with Kittie on that.
Zagadka: I believe the general feeling here is that some support for getting freed Omni employees is something we should invest in, at least to show people the ropes
Valandris: Well speak of one of the devils.
Jacobi: I applogize for my tardyness
Zagadka: Mr. Jacobi, I believe that the last time you were here, we were discussing new weapons technology related to cyborg activity, correct?
Jacobi: Yes, it has been a while since I have been able to attend.
Zagadka: Do you have anything to report on that front?
Jacobi: Luckily Omni-Tek seems to have resolved that particular cyborg issue in the meantime.
Zagadka: How kind. We should really send them a fruit basket.
Hilfy: Muffins. I know an excellent baker.
Zagadka: Let's see... to catch Mr. Jacobi up to the meeting, we've been discussing a liaison to the ICC to circumvent Omni's claim to this planet
Jacobi: Seeing as the ICC is the source of Omni-Tek's license to this planet, that should be interesting.
Valandris: Yea, and how many ICC officals does Omni have in their pocket?
Zagadka: Yes, our previous discussions have been about shaking that claim
Zagadka: Ms. Hill has volunteered to fill that office for us
Falikos: I doubt bribed officials would much matter. In this case at least.
Hilfy: I see it more as an attempt to enhance the Clan's possition and claims on the planet in the eyes of the other corporations that may be looking to step in once the lease opens up.
Jacobi: They are not going to view us in the same light of the mega- corps, but it never hurts to have someone for them to contact directly
Hilfy: As rumour has it, in the eyes of the ICC we are still often seen as barbarians and terrorists. Anything to at least disprove that may be of help.
Jacobi: Indeed.
Valandris: Great, Fya as you PR manager. This should be interesting.
Zagadka: In what could be related, we were just discussing ways to de-program Omni employees wishing to leave the company...
Jacobi: Hum.. that could be a touchy subject if Omni-Tek catches wind of that discussion.
Jacobi: Just a word to the wise on that.
Zagadka: Yes?
Kittiefixie: There are as said many who wish to leave. I know Omni- Tek doesn't like that, but it's still their decision. Not up to Omni-Tek, or us. But we can at least make sure they are treated well when they dare to do it.
Falikos: Reference to being programmed is likely to offend most as well, while advice is being given.
Kittiefixie: That's what I think.
Zagadka: Deprogrammed was perhaps a misstatement by me
Kittiefixie: These are people who already want to leave.
Jacobi: While I agree wtih the young lady's assessment..
Zagadka: If we make inroads to the ICC, do you think they could safeguard the rights of employees seeking to quit?
Jacobi: One would hope. But sometimes guaging the ICCs response can be difficult
Zagadka: Fortunately, we happen to have a liaison with us
Hilfy: Some may wish to leave OT employment but do not see the Clans as being welcoming to them. That is something we can work to change even without ICC aid.
Kittiefixie: Yes, exactly. That is on our end.
Zagadka: As devil's advocate... a lot of Clanners would dispute pickup up Omni employees, even if they came over willingly
Valandris: Easy way to get a spy.
Jacobi: There would be a lack of trust for many of them
Zagadka: ... perhaps that would actually be a decent method of gathering intelligence
Hilfy: A process could be established for vetting those that switch over.
Kittiefixie: Being kind doesn't mean one has to be absolutely trusting.
Kittiefixie: One could be nice to them while keeping an eye on them as well.
Jacobi: Indeed, in spite of a few who may just want to fill them full of lead in any case.
Zagadka: The Clans are always open to those seeking our freedom.
Zagadka: Yes?
Hilfy: We focus much on how to react to Omni-Tek. I would like to address a question to our Neutral representative, Ms. Phare. Where do we stand with Neutrals and how can we improve that relationship?
Falikos: I can only speak for Newland, not Neutrals as a total.
Jacobi: Newland has rarely been an issue, other neturals however have been problematic at times.
Valandris: Yea... Turms comes to mind.
Hilfy: Then maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship would be an asset as well.
Falikos: A genus with a lot of varience.
Jacobi: Easily agreed to, as long a certain goathead isnt here
Zagadka: It strikes me that having former OT employees spend a period as neutrally aligned would be a smoother stepping stone
Zagadka: Convincing ICC of that is another problem
Jacobi: Actually I could see that as a benefit. It would give the person an oportunity to review all their choices.
Falikos: Neutral is a choice as is being Clan. Trust me, this choice isn't a stepping stone for one direction or another.
Jacobi: After all we are not just one clan.
Zagadka: I did not mean to dismiss the neutral factions, sorry
Kittiefixie: No, but I think that perhaps... it could still be a good idea. Because it's a safer place to be in many ways.
Jacobi: While some would still prefer to shot such individuals no matter what their alignment, I figure the person would be better off no matter what their alignment, outside of Omni-Tek.
Zagadka: The general feeling, minus the conspicuous absence of Commander Silverstone, is to have a kind of cooling off period, then?
Jacobi: I suspect that will be a strictly person by person decision.
Zagadka: They do not need to take up arms against OT simply because they are leaving
Zagadka: Alright Ms. Hill, it seems like you have some issues we need to coordinate with ICC on
Zagadka: As well as our continuing relations with the neutral factions
Hilfy: Oui. Will require a willing ICC representative to meet with us.
Hilfy: As we may have made the decision for me to represent the Clans, we do still require the ICC to agree to it.
Jacobi: I will see if I can get in touch with the ICC's main representive and have him contact you Miss Hill
Hilfy: Understood.
Zagadka: Thank you Mr. Jacobi
Zagadka: That is the end of the agenda items... does anyone have a motion or topic to discuss?
Zagadka: I will take silence as content
Zagadka: I hope we can make some ground, Ms. Hill and Ms. Phare
Zagadka: Thank you everyone very much for your time. It was good to have you here, Mr. Jacobi
Zagadka: The Council of Truth will convene on Saturday, April 2nd at 1700 Rubi-Ka Standard Time (GMT). (0900 PST, 1200 EST)
Zagadka: Class dismissed
Kittiefixie: Thank you for hosting us.
Zagadka: Good hunting, everyone



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