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Mar 19, 29491
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Escoryon: Small crowd
Escoryon: Hello there Hilfy
Hilfy: You are not approved Neutral representative to the CoT.
Escoryon: And also hello, other person here
Kittiefixie: Who are you?!
Escoryon: I have a long history of services rendered to the Council and the Clans, Hilfy
Escoryon: With said history comes perks
Hilfy: Interesting.
Escoryon: At any rate, I see punctuality is not prioritized at the CoT anymore
Hilfy: No. Neither is attendance as past meetings would indicate.
Hilfy: Would seem the Clerk is not in attendance today.
Escoryon: I don't suppose Jacobi was supposed to be attending either
Kittiefixie: Perhaps he's just late? Something might have happened
Hilfy: No word. We will wait.
Escoryon: So how are things in Clan world?
Kittiefixie: Yes. We always... there's always the wait for people who are late.
Hilfy: Should one of us take over this for the day?
Kittiefixie: If no one else shows up, perhaps you could?
Hilfy: Can. State date. Record lack of attendance. Standard procceedure, oui?
Kittiefixie: Who are you and why are you here?
Kittiefixie: Yes, sounds like a good plan.
Kittiefixie: Good day!
Escoryon: Hello there
Kittiefixie: We have a... a... visitor?
Zagadka: Heya, apologies for being late
Zagadka: I haven't seemed to have missed much, eh?
Hilfy: Non. We were deciding which of us would record the lack of attendance today.
Kittiefixie: And...
Kittiefixie: Do you know this man?
Escoryon: There's no need for him to know me. Simon knows me and that's enough
Kittiefixie: We should just take your word for that?
Zagadka: He's certainly dapper.
Zagadka: It would be brave for a neut to drop Commander Silverston's name and not expect retribution
Escoryon: You can call Simon if you want, it doesn't matter to me. At any rate, I've had the right to attend these meetings longer than most here.
Zagadka: Well, it does not seem to be a pressing issue at this point. I'm sure you can arrange credentials for our next meeting.
Zagadka: I suppose we can try at a next meeting, anyway
Zagadka: I think... sorry, a little hazy at this point... our only actionable business was the ICC contacts
Kittiefixie: Are you all right?
Zagadka: A bit out of sorts
Hilfy: Cause?
Zagadka: Well, do we have any new business that isn't contingent on Mr. Jacobi or Commander Silverstone?
Zagadka: We do have the issue of relations with the neutrals...
Hilfy: Are Jacobi or Silverstone planning on attending the meetings and taking an active rolle in the CoT?
Zagadka: I really wish I knew that...
Zagadka: I would say that we are - tentatively - operating on a meeting by meeting basis. I will go ahead and schedule our next meeting, but-
Zagadka: Yes?
Kittiefixie: Since they aren't around much, perhaps it would be better if we didn't expect them to and tried to move on without them?
Kittiefixie: Instaid of just waiting around on our... behinds.
Hilfy: ~ Agreed. ~
Zagadka: I'd say that we do what we can, yes... limited as that may be.
Zagadka: Right now, I think we need to appoint a new Neutral liaison again
Hilfy: Neutral unit. Conceniently, it is also hard to keep him out so may as well let him in.
Escoryon: I, of course, would be honored to take on this commitment
Zagadka: We would like to exchange functionaries for our respective meetings, just to speed things along
Escoryon: You'll be waiting a long time for the NLCC to get together for a meeting, I imagine
Escoryon: But I will take your message to Minister Phare
Zagadka: Thank you
Zagadka: Mmm mmmm...
Zagadka: Mr. Jacobi was to check out a ICC exchange..
Hilfy: Have not heard contact from ICC, would assume to liasion on their side was found or else no interest.
Zagadka: We wanted the ICC to allow Omnis to spend a period as neuts... that isn't actionable yet...
Kittiefixie: It is still a very good idea.
Zagadka: Yes, it is somewhat jarring for people leaving Omni to have to switch immediately to Clan. We could ease a lot of people out of it.
Zagadka: We don't seem to have any further old business
Zagadka: Well, at least not that we can handle without Silverstone or Jacobi
Zagadka: Escoryon, come to think of it, I would like to visit a neutral meeting myself, whenever that is possible
Zagadka: Thank you
Escoryon: I assure you, I would like them to occur more often as well
Zagadka: Do we have any further new business, or comments for the record?
Zagadka: Yes?
Kittiefixie: Perhaps we should look over the security of this building. Set up some cameras. Post a guard at the door or something while meetings are in progress.
Kittiefixie: Even if this man ended up not a threat, perhaps not everyone would ed up the same way
Zagadka: Or managed to conceal themself
Kittiefixie: Yes.
Hilfy: Would it make sence for the CoT to have its own guards with no ties to any lagacy?
Zagadka: IN the meantime, we should be careful of what we say withotu Silverstone present
Escoryon: Well, I have a keycard, so I imagine that factors into my presence, as you can see
Zagadka: Hm, good point
Zagadka: Interior guards would be helpful
Zagadka: I'll bring that up and add it to the next agenda
Zagadka: We generally allow neutral presence at our meetigns barring the situations where security could be compromised
Zagadka: But the guards do sound like a great idea
Zagadka: Anyone have anything else?
Kittiefixie: They could if nothing else look at invitations
Zagadka: That seems to be it...
Kittiefixie: I have nothing else
Zagadka: Escoryon, if you can contact me via the grid forum, please communicate our wish to join a neut meeting
Escoryon: I assume you're referring to the CoT gridsite?
Zagadka: Either the CoT or the main one, I can be reached either way
Zagadka: Ms. Hill?
Hilfy: Information has gone out that the Omni Organisational Committee has once again choosen Encyros as as the Committees Delegate to the Joint-Clans.
Hilfy: Assume the clans still have no intention of permitting them access to the CoT?
Zagadka: Hm
Zagadka: I am not comfortable answering that myself
Hilfy: Have not heard anything contrary to the original vote of "no" but simply asking for clarification.
Zagadka: For now... I think people would object to having an Omni at meetings. I would be happy to communicate and organize some other meeting, though.
Zagadka: Um hm?
Escoryon: Now, it is inefficient, but is there any interest in passing messages through neutral representatives?
Zagadka: I think we could build that kind of contact structure, yes
Kittiefixie: Do you think that meetings could be set up in neutral territory between Omni-Tek representatives and Clan representatives directly?
Escoryon: The young lady's suggestion would be much more efficient
Zagadka: I would be willing to do that, yes
Kittiefixie: Because, perhaps that could help with the bad blood
Zagadka: I was considering using the neutral meeting as a good time to talk to the Omni envoy
Kittiefixie: And I think the bad blood has taken on a life on its own away from the actual people involved, and perhaps that could help with getting it back to people.
Kittiefixie: Yes, please look into it, if you can.
Zagadka: I think we can manage a dialog
Zagadka: .. provide no one tells Commander Silverstone about it
Kittiefixie: Then let us not do that.
Zagadka: So we have to contact Silverstone about Tower security, and arrange neutral and Omni contacts
Zagadka: We meet once every other month, Escoryon . Our next scheduled meeting will be August 6
Escoryon: I'll see you there then
Zagadka: Though I would very much like to be in contact before that point
Escoryon: And I'll get back to you with Minister Phare's responses
Zagadka: Thank you
Zagadka: Any other business?
Escoryon: Not I
Zagadka: Alright. Thank you all for your time, look forward to talking to your people Escoryon
Zagadka: This session of the CoT is closed. We will meet again on August 6.
Zagadka: Good hunting
Kittiefixie: Be safe!
Kittiefixie: Thank you for the meeting
Hilfy: Safe travells.
Escoryon: Yes, safe travels
Kittiefixie: And... hope you feel better soon
Escoryon: Well, it's been fun. Always a pleasure to see you around and not dead yet, Fya
Hilfy: Oui.



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