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Mar 19, 29491
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Footerdoc: -ere for the meeting, on behalf of The Red Brotherhood.
Footerdoc: Shall i take a seat anywhere?
Kittiefixie: I think anywhere works
Zagadka: Anywhere in the audience with Kittiefixie
Zagadka: As usual, we will wait ~10 minutes for stragglers
Kittiefixie: You can call me Hannah. No need to be that formal with me here.
Kittiefixie: Would you like tea while waiting?
Footerdoc: No, thankyou.
Zagadka: No, thank you, still recovering from breakfast
Zagadka: Alright, then..
Zagadka: I'm calling the August 6 meeting of the Council of Truth open
Zagadka: Coming into this meeting, we have only two agenda points
Zagadka: The first is an issue brought up at the last meeting regarding security in meetings from Omni agents...
Zagadka: This falls under Commander Silversone's jurisdiction
Zagadka: Given the difficulties we are having communicating with the clan leaders... I don't see this as being resolved. We likely have to take matters into our own hands
Zagadka: Yes, M- er, Hannah
Kittiefixie: I could keep a look out before the meetings and up until the point for the margin given to stragglers.
Kittiefixie: You know, ask questions and suchlike.
Kittiefixie: Greet peole.
Kittiefixie: Make them feel welcome.
Kittiefixie: The people who are.
Zagadka: Yes, we had a request for someone at the door to greet and guide people
Zagadka: That kills two reets with one stone
Kittiefixie: I would be willing to do this.
Zagadka: If you can serve htat role, we would be grateful
Kittiefixie: Yes! I'd feel honoured.
Zagadka: Thank you
Footerdoc: And what of those who are, not welcome? You mentioned Omni agents?
Zagadka: That actually transfers into the next agenda item, exchanging representatives of Nets and Omnis
Zagadka: And yes, we have had some problems with Omni agents infiltrating the meetings. Commander Silverstone dealth with them, but his absence...
Kittiefixie: I would tell them they were not and should not cause trouble, and if they caused trouble I could alert the guards. And let the meeting know.
Kittiefixie: So at least you were prepared.
Zagadka: Letting us know would be the most expedient thing, I think
Footerdoc: Mmm
Zagadka: We agreed at the previous meeting to have mutual liaisons with Neutral and Clan meetings...
Zagadka: ... unfortuntely, I have not heard back from the Neutral delegation, and they clearly are not here today
Footerdoc: I see
Kittiefixie: I've not heard anything either, and I've not seen him.
Zagadka: I guess we'll table the liaison exchange until the next meeting, and I will try to attend their next scheduled meeting myself.
Zagadka: The final item would be establishing some contact with Omni- Tek.
Zagadka: This point has some criticism
Footerdoc: What sort of contact?
Zagadka: At the moment, I was hoping to have a neutral meeting place to talk. No attendance in each other's meetings or whatnot.
Zagadka: One perk here would be prisoner exchanges and such
Kittiefixie: I still think this is a great idea, for the record.
Footerdoc: Oh, meetings. Not the type of contact I am used to with Omni.
Footerdoc: Gaining prisoners, now that sounds more like me!
Zagadka: The rest of the Clans can remain blood thirsty, but having a line of communication open could be helpful in escalating situations
Footerdoc: Yes, I understand
Zagadka: This leaves us back at the beginning, minus two things.
Zagadka: Hannah will be involved with greeting and screening
Zagadka: I will again make contact with the Neutral lreadership. They already frequently attend here, so I should be welcome at their meeting.
Kittiefixie: I won't disappoint you.
Zagadka: It should be noted, for the record, that the liaisons we gain will be able to be turned away when we discuss sensitive issues
Footerdoc: Never trusted those neutrals, anyway.
Zagadka: And as a conclusion, is there any other movement or comments for the record? Anything to have on the next agenda?
Zagadka: Yes?
Kittiefixie: I hope it's all right that I will miss the beginning of the meeting if I'm out there greeting people. Could you buzz me in when my attendance is required? I'll give you my contact information.
Zagadka: Certainly, we love to have anyone possible to come in, and we would certainly owe it to you
Zagadka: Mr. Jacobi tends to do a lockdown of hte premises, but I will let you know regardless of his presence
Kittiefixie: Thank you! We can take a moment after the meeting to exchange that contact info
Kittiefixie: Thank you
Zagadka: Anything else?
Zagadka: I suppose that is the extent of what we can cover today
Zagadka: Thank you all for attendance, we appreciate everyone.
Zagadka: This closes the August 6 meeting. Good hunting!
Kittiefixie: Thank you for helping us out.
Footerdoc: Should I not be here for the next meeting, Im sure miss Hill will come to represet The Red Brotherhood.
Footerdoc: Please, If you need anything from me before the next meeting, you can ask Fya to contact me.
Zagadka: Thank you
Kittiefixie: Thank you. Would you please send her my regards?
Footerdoc: See you next time.



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