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Mar 19, 29491
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... Begin of Logfile DEC 29490
Zagadkacot: The primary issue carried forward is relations with the neuts and Omni-Tek
Zagadkacot: We have been hoping to establish contact with both sides
Zagadkacot: The Omnis, unsurprisingly, have not exactly returned our calls...
Ragunn: still keeps staring at the clerk's ear. Definitely not pleasingly
Zagadkacot: But we have had some exchanges with the neutrals
Escoryon nods
Hilfy: glances over at Esco again.
Zagadkacot: Would you happen to have any statements regarding that, Escoryon?
Youny: looks over at Escoryon, with interest.
Ragunn begins to quietly fold a piece of stained paper
Escoryon: Only that Minister Falikos sends her regrets that she could not be at tonight's meeting, and that we are hoping to create a more consistent relationship with our friends in the Clans
Zagadkacot nods
Ragunn: Ah can attest tae Minister Falikos's condolences too.
Kittiefixie: smiles slightly, looking somewhat hopeful.
Ragunn: slowly starts to make an orchid out of paper
Zagadkacot: As designated, it would be an honor to be invited to your next council to establish more communication. At least until Commander Silverstone hears of it...
Ragunn: snorts!
Zagadkacot: Slight chance of that at this point
Youny chuckles
Escoryon: I would be happy to locate a suitable meeting space
Hilfy smiles faintly, adding some notes on her data pad
Escoryon: Speaking of which, the city of Newland is also willing to provide a location for Clan-Omni meetings, should you ever hear back from the corporation
Ragunn mumbles something under his breath
Zagadkacot: Any of you can always contact me on the Grid
Zagadkacot nods
Zagadkacot: We appreciate that
Kittiefixie: pours herself a cup of tea while listening.
Ragunn hands over the orchid to Escoryon's floating throne, nodding for him to pass it on
Ragunn settles for staring at the clerk's ear again
Escoryon: quietly hands the oragimi orchid over to Hilfy
Zagadkacot: Security has been a recent concern, so the offer is really appreciated
Hilfy: absently glances up from the data pad to the flower and takes it, passing it on to the right as well.
Kittiefixie reaches up her hand
Ragunn smirks a little
Zagadkacot: Does anyone have any new business?
Ragunn: Ah do.
Zagadkacot: Or further comments?
Zagadkacot: Ragunn has the floor
Ragunn keeps staring at the clerk's ear
Kittiefixie: waves her stretched hand a little.
Youny: looks at the flower, then over to Cord and passes it to Kittyfixie.
Ragunn: Nah, ah'm sittin' on it. Katsulas has th' floor.
Kittiefixie: Ehm, wait.
Kittiefixie: takes the origami flower gently.
Ragunn: points... pointedly toward Kittiefixie
Kittiefixie: Okay
Kittiefixie: I'm wondering if maybe I should come a bit earlier?
Kittiefixie: There are many here I didn't... clear to enter or greet.
Kittiefixie: So they must have arrived before me.
Ragunn nods and inspects the empty cup of tea
Hilfy: perks a brow, looking over at Kittie.
Hilfy raises her hand
Zagadkacot: Well, we can't prevent everyone from early attendance
Kittiefixie: looks down at the origami flower, setting her teacup down.
Zagadkacot: We can probably have more communication about who is here early with you
Escoryon riffles through his notes
Kittiefixie: I would like more communication.
Kittiefixie nods
Zagadkacot nods
Ragunn looks absently at Kittie and Hilfy, not in that same way as the clerk's ear, nodding minutely
Zagadkacot: We'll see about getting better communication going next meeting
Zagadkacot: Thank you for bringing it up. We are all responsible for our security.
Kittiefixie: You're welcome.
Zagadkacot: Is there any new business or comments for the record?
Hilfy: Should we then wait outside the building for inspection and greeting before entering?
Hilfy: asks, slowly lowering her hand.
Zagadkacot: Checking in with Ms Katsulas would probably make the process easier for everyone
Ragunn waits for a while, head tilted ferally
Kittiefixie: looks uncertain.
Ragunn raises his hand then
Escoryon: Noted
Kittiefixie: I would offer everyone tea
Hilfy: Understood.
Youny smiles
Zagadkacot: Yes?
Ragunn picks up the empty cup of tea
Kittiefixie: My mom sent some of hers with me.
Kittiefixie: I'll be there about fifteen minutes early.
Ragunn: When she said communication, it means that you two need to communicate with each other.
Ragunn: I did ask her permission to enter the building, and got tea. Which, I can attest, was good. So. If you want to amp security? Keep those lines of communication together, or I'll come back to stare at your ear again.
Ragunn hems
Ragunn: 's all.
Zagadkacot: Erm, we'll work on that...
Ragunn switches codes and goes back to toying with the tea cup
Ragunn: ...ya better.
Kittiefixie blushes quietly and stokes the origami flower without looking up
Zagadkacot: We haven't been able to lock down the Tower as we used to, so we are coming up with new solutions
Youny covers her mouth, stifling a quiet laugh
Zagadkacot smiles
Zagadkacot: Is there any other new business?
Kittiefixie: glances over at Ragunn with a cautious, grateful smile.
Hilfy: glances around.
Zagadkacot: Alright, that concludes the December meeting of the CoT
Zagadkacot: We will next meet February 4
Escoryon makes a note
Zagadkacot: Goodbye and good hunting
... End of Logfile


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