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Mar 19, 29491
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... Begin of Logfile FEB 29491

Nolwenn: Hello Minister.
Leileena cups her teacup with her hands
Zagadkacot: We don't seem to be in a rush today
Zagadkacot: Minister, Clan members, thank you for your time. I had hoped we would have more regulars today, since we have an important topic.
Zagadkacot: I am glad that a representative from Newland is here to see it, though
Leileena listens
Zagadkacot: It is good to see a line of communication with the neutrals. Our reach to Omnis has fallen on deaf ears...
Zagadkacot: And I'm afraid that may just escalate
Zagadkacot: Several weeks ago, the Council grid site was compromised
Nolwenn: Eh?
Zagadkacot: For the time being, we have lost all past minutes and records
Kittiefixie: glances nervously at the door.
Zagadkacot: While we have no concrete info, Omni-Pol has not responded to demands for an explanation
Leileena raises a hand
Zagadkacot: At the moment, I am locking things down a bit
Zagadkacot: We have to assume-
Zagadkacot: Yes, Minister?
Leileena: Are there any leads that point to the corporation, or possibly some other group?
Kittiefixie raises her hand
Zagadkacot scowls
Zagadkacot: We have nothing concrete at the moment, but there are only so many organizations with that much reach
Leileena nods slowly
Zagadkacot: Yes Ms. Katsulas?
Kittiefixie: If it's all right, maybe I can look into it? I'm pretty good with finding out what's happening on the Grid.
Zagadkacot nods
Zagadkacot: We have to follow every lead
Kittiefixie: I will see what I can find.
Zagadkacot This is the kind of situation I was hoping to have a line to OT open for
Zagadkacot: Thank you, my contacts aren't... great at the moment
Zagadkacot: But until we have an explanation, we have to assume that our systems are compromised
Kittiefixie raises her hand again
Zagadkacot: Yes?
Kittiefixie: I might also have some backups of past meetings. Should I send them over to you?
Zagadkacot: That would be wonderful, thank you
Kittiefixie: No worries.
Zagadkacot: Losing our records is something that will sting for some time to come
Zagadkacot: ... well, at least for me
Kittiefixie: I will send over what I can find.
Zagadkacot: Right now, we don't think they would attack the neutrals... assuming it is Omni... but you may want to check your systesm, Minister
Zagadkacot: It could be the Dust Brigade or another force. BUt right now, we're assuming the worst
Kittiefixie: returns to watching the door while listening.
Zagadkacot: At least, back up your systems
Zagadkacot smiles
Leileena: Due to our more informal meetings I don't think we have a lot of public information published, internal memo's are on offline mainframes.
Leileena: But I'll relay it to our communications department.
Zagadkacot: That may be for the best
Zagadkacot: For now, I'm keeping logs on my system and bcked up offline
Zagadkacot: So, that is the major development we've had. We need to hit all of our contacts. I've sent word to Mr. Jacobi and Commander Silverstone, but they have been silent for a while
Zagadkacot: Other than that, our primary mission right now has been to keep in touch with the other bodies. We, thankfully, have a good line of communication with the neutrals.
Leileena smiles briefly
Kittiefixie: nods while watching the door.
Zagadkacot: We're the only group that has regular meetings, but we are certainly eager to participate in any dialog
Zagadkacot: So... aside from our net systems being compromised and the loss of historical data, things are fairly quiet
Zagadkacot: Does anyone have new business or remarks for the record?
Kittiefixie raises an hand
Zagadkacot: Yes?
Kittiefixie: I ask for permission to begin compiling a list of known regulars here to easier check people in. No sensitive informaion, just names and maybe organisation and if known here since earlier.
Kittiefixie: I'd keep it all encrypted and safe.
Zagadkacot: That is a good idea, yes
Kittiefixie: I'll get right on it.
Zagadkacot: Thank you
Zagadkacot: I had been relying on the minutes... but yea, having a dedicated system for that will be helpful
Kittiefixie: nods.
Zagadkacot: I suppose I should ask that anyone with Omni contacts who have a statement regarding the hacking of our systems, have them please contact me
Kittiefixie: I'd rather keep that separate in any case. No reason to give out easy information of who attend.
Zagadkacot: (( Official forums are easiest ))
: You feel the core of your being shift, as the source makes room for a divine presence. 'Avluela' has reached enlightenment.
Kittiefixie: writes something with one hand on her comms.
Leileena nods
Nolwenn nods
Leileena sips her tea
Nolwenn raises her hand
Zagadkacot: I believe that concludes our business today. Not much, but it is a pretty big issue. I hope that the breach isn't too bad.
Zagadkacot: Yes, Minister?
Nolwenn: glances sideways at Minister Leileena, and keeps her hand up.
Zagadkacot shakes his head
Zagadkacot: Sorry, a bit absent minded
Zagadkacot: Ms. Cardinal?
Nolwenn smiles
Nolwenn: Is the fact that the Council grid site was attacked something publically known or being kept private for now?
Zagadkacot: I have not made an official announcement, but I have been redirecting traffic from the compromised system to my personal one
Nolwenn: Ok. Thank you.
Zagadkacot: I think we need as many eyes and ears on this as possible
Zagadkacot: However, we don't have much data to officially blame Omni-Tek for it
Kittiefixie: nods slowly, thoughtful.
Zagadkacot: We acknowledge the corruption of our system, but until we have more, I wouldn't make claims about Omni being behind it... though that could change befor the next meeting.
Nolwenn: I know some other vendors that have Omni contacts, can ask around if tey heard anything. People tend to talk as if vendors had no ears or brains.
Zagadkacot smiles
Zagadkacot: Alright, anything else?
Kittiefixie: shakes her head and glances at the door.
Leileena: I didn't get anything to pass along from minister Phare.
Zagadkacot nods
Zagadkacot: Well, thank you
Zagadkacot: Our next meeting will be... hm, well, April 1. But if you have info in the meantime, things could change.
Kittiefixie: Okay.
Leileena: nod
Zagadkacot: That will conclude our meeting, thank you all for your time
Kittiefixie: Thank you for yours.
Leileena: And thank you for your hospitality.
Leileena smiles
Zagadkacot: I will be slightly delayed in posting minutes due to the system change
Zagadkacot nods and smiles
Kittiefixie: turns to Zagadka.
Kittiefixie: I need to know where to send the information I find. Please let me know in private.
Zagadkacot nods
Kittiefixie: You will have the information I have within a day or so. Until then I have some stuff to check out... so...
Zagadkacot: Thank you, it will help
Kittiefixie: Please stay safe.
Zagadkacot: Good hunting
Nolwenn: Miss?
Zagadkacot: .. and change your passwords...
... End of Logfile


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