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Mar 19, 29491
RST: 03:01

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... Begin of Logfile APR 29491

Zagadkacot: Alright team Clan...
Ragunn looks up, eyebrows raised a little
Zagadkacot: Unfortunately, the Council is still.. set back from the data loss.
Zagadkacot: We think we can recover some data, but it is still being processed
Zagadkacot: However, that has severely limited our operations
Ragunn slowly looks toward Hannah, putting his data away
Kittiefixie keeps her eyes still mostly on the door
Kittiefixie raises her hand
Zagadkacot: All I can say on that front is that we're still pushing contacts to find someone responsible
Zagadkacot: The neutrals have been helpful and up front. Omni... less so. Beyond them, haven't heard much.
Ragunn nudges a shoulder Hannah's way, setting his hands on his lap, blinking and watching the door
Zagadkacot: Unfortunately, we also haven't had much support from the Legacy Clans
Zagadkacot glances over his shoulder to the door briefly
Zagadkacot: As soon as we have something to go on, I will probably publish it on the temporary CoT page, which is static and should be secure from tampering
Kittiefixie: keeps her hand raised, nodding.
Ragunn points at Kittie
Zagadkacot: Aye?
Ragunn: Ya better hear that gel out.
Kittiefixie: Did the audio logs I send you of the meetings I had attended help you?
Ragunn looks a little startled at the "aye"
Zagadkacot: Yes, very helpful... so our current records go back about a year, far longer than the records I had, thank you
Kittiefixie: nods again, looking relieved.
Ragunn: Hannah?
Ragunn looks over
Kittiefixie: Yes?
Zagadkacot pauses
Ragunn: Ya mind tellin' 'im what Ah spied ya doin' yesterday. In terms o' figurin' out th' database issue.
Hilfy: glances from one to another, listening.
Kittiefixie: I have already let him know I have some information about that.
Ragunn 'cause tha's maist important.
Kittiefixie: I guess he'll let me know when to bring it up
Ragunn shrugs a little
Ragunn: Sae in bolder words?
Zagadkacot: I was coming to the point of asking for intel, so now would be the time
Zagadkacot smiles
Kittiefixie nods
Ragunn moves his left foot a bit futher, rubbing at his leg
Kittiefixie: I met with a... contact... within Omni-Tek yesterday. We had a talk and he'll look into the issue.
Ragunn sighs, rubbing at his eyes
Ragunn: Hannah. Ya can be honest 'bout who he is.
Ragunn: Ya are a clanner.
Kittiefixie: He couldn't find out much on such short notice, but he'll keep on looking.
Zagadkacot: Excellent. We would like to follow up leads where possible... having little to operate on...
Zagadkacot: Well, I always can be contacted via the grid, so even in the downtime between meetings things can be accomplished
Kittiefixie glances at Cord, then back to Zagadka
Kittiefixie: Personally I've been searching the Grid since last meeting and finding nothing.
Kittiefixie: I'll try to call in help.
Zagadkacot nods
Kittiefixie falls silent, looking down into her tea cup
Ragunn rubs his hands, eyeing the motes of dust
Zagadkacot: Any leads are helpful. I don't have many contacts these days, unfortunately...
Zagadkacot: ... and we are the only body that meets regularly, even without much to go on othe than our intrepid members
Kittiefixie: My contact may have a lead to a person to talk to. I'll let you know as soon as I know anything. I know how to reach you.
Ragunn turns his head a little
Zagadkacot nods
Zagadkacot: I'd like that, thanks...
Zagadkacot: So, that is our status. Any leads, please contact me. Hopefully we can get something prepared before the next meeting
Ragunn looks toward the door
Ragunn: Ah was really hopin' tae piss off Simon 'gain.
Ragunn: Maybe go f'r a beer wiv Wayne or Jacobi.
Zagadkacot: We all would
Zagadkacot smiles again
Ragunn: Piss off Simon?
Kittiefixie trembles slightly
Ragunn: Yeah, Ah like ya.
Hilfy smiles faintly
Ragunn: On that note.
Ragunn takes a breath
Ragunn: Ah've somethin' Ah tole Fya here earlier while waitin'.
Zagadkacot: Well, I was about to open the floor, so go ahead
Ragunn: Right. Sae.
Ragunn: Thar be scavengers out an' 'bout coming down frae Greater Tir down all th' way tae Athen wiv cyborg weapons. This aten't th' borgs behind it. 's some wee gang boss tryin' tae start an operation.
Ragunn looks at Fya
Ragunn: See, her an' me, we'd be nukin' th' place if'n we kenned it was Bashirae or leftovers.
Ragunn: Ah have nae idea who it is yet, but Ah'll let ya ken too. Ah donnae like th' idea o' scavengers in the Valley wiv Hellspinners killin' each ovver.
Ragunn sniffs and wrinkles his nose
Zagadkacot: Is this related to the thread Mr. Jacobi was... handling some months back?
Ragunn: Might be. 's why Ah'd like tae pull on 'is dick and see what he kens.
Ragunn smiles with no affect
Zagadkacot: Well, at this point, we know someone has already attacked us openly. While we think it is Omni, there are other threats on the planet
Kittiefixie: sips her tea, silent and looking worried.
Ragunn: Oh, well. Ah'm less worried.
Zagadkacot: Unfortunately, we rely on member clans for that extra security, but contact has been... sketchy
Ragunn: 's 'cause 's jus' some arsehole handin' o'er weapons that are outdated tae idiots.
Ragunn shrugs
Ragunn: 's why ya have wanderers like me. Ya willnae miss me, but Ah got me uses.
Zagadkacot: I would say, eliminate with prejudice. We never know where the threats are
Ragunn narrows his eyes
Ragunn: Ah'm buyin' ya a beer.
Ragunn: But tha's that on me part.
Zagadkacot: Does anyone have anything further?
Ragunn eyes the dust again, frowning
Kittiefixie shakes her head
Zagadkacot: In the meantime, keep pressing contacts. I will keep trying to get in touch with Commander Silverstone or Mr. Jacobi again....
Hilfy shakes her head no and looks around at the others
Ragunn looks over at Fya and Hannah
Zagadkacot: Alright, thank you all for your time. We can get a lot done between meetings, so stay in touch if anything develops
Ragunn: Fair.
Kittiefixie nods
Ragunn: Ta, b'y.
Kittiefixie: I'll stay in touch
Ragunn slowly clambers up, left side creaking
Ragunn: Guess Ah'll go piss off Simon.
Zagadkacot: Well, that will have to do it for this session. Good hunting, members
Ragunn stretches, setting a cigarette between his lips
Ragunn: Good huntin'. Ah can get behind that.
Kittiefixie: When's next meeting?
Zagadkacot: Hah! Right
Hilfy nods and slowly stands up
Zagadkacot: That'd be June 3
Kittiefixie nods and makes a note as she gets up
Zagadkacot: Unless more daylight savings catches up... 1900 RK time
Kittiefixie: Thank you. I'll talk to you soon, but it's still good to know.
Zagadkacot: Thanks for the minutes, we really wouldn't have much to go on without them.
Zagadkacot nods
Zagadkacot: I'll look forward to hearing anything
Kittiefixie: No worries. Also, good job with the new security.
Kittiefixie blushes slightly
Zagadkacot: You're the gate keeper
Kittiefixie: No, I mean the new grid page
Kittiefixie: I poked it a bit, you know. Just to see.
Zagadkacot smiles
Kittiefixie Seems much more secure
Zagadkacot: Thanks. We really had... an overcomplicated system last time
Kittiefixie nods
Kittiefixie: I like the new one. Thank you for all your effort
Kittiefixie: I'll go check in on things.
Zagadkacot smiles and nods
Kittiefixie: Be safe.
Zagadkacot: You too. Good luck with your contacts.

... End of Logfile


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