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Mar 19, 29491
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... Begin of Logfile JUN 29491


Zagadka: Welcome everyone to the June meeting of the Counci lof Truth
Hilfy glances at Joe, arching a brow and gestures
Accellerator nods to Fya
Zagadka: It is good to see... such an interest, from some leaders and the neutral delegation
Zagadka: The first thing to be addressed is the obvious crisis we have been facing for a few months now
Zagadka: Sadly, we are no closer to recovering all of our lost data, though we are still working on it
Solis raises his eyebrows
Zagadka: In the meantime, we will stick with the static site I threw up
Kittiefixie picks out a sheet of paper and starts folding it as she listens.
Zagadka: The actionable part is the investigation
Solis: Of what do you speak Zagadka?
Solis: My apologies, I have been away on a mission
Zagadka nods
Zagadka: To be brief, our database was compromised and we lost all of our records and past logged conversations
Solis: So, hacked?
Silverstone: Hacked
Zagadka: Our old grid site points nowhere now
Solis looks at Silverstone
Zagadka: It was hacked, yes. We don't think passwords were compromised, but the data....
Silverstone: looks at Solis
Solis: Do you have any ideas yet?
Zagadka: As I was saying, the investigation...
Silverstone: you know, unknown people,getting into places they are not ment to be in
Solis sighs
Solis: I'm aware of what it means Silverstone
Silverstone: Good.
Solis: I just wonderd why you had to repeat what i said
Zagadka: Our obvious suspects are Omni-Tek and the Dust Brigade. We have yet to hear anything from either side.
Solis: it only needs one person to suggest hacked
Zagadka: And our neutral friends have been keeping an eye out for any info as well
Silverstone shrugs.
Zagadka: I was able to talk to several members in a non-representative context... they are interested in workign this out, but our resources aren't enough to get people interested. They do indicate that if we do find something, they would be happy to deal punishment
Kittiefixie keeps folding her paper, clearly nervous about something.
Silverstone: and what resources are needed for it?
Accellerator leans agains the wall
Hilfy glances over her shoulder at Kittie
Zagadka: We need a lead to follow. Someone to talk to.
Silverstone: hmm, and do anyone know anything after spending months on this?
Zagadka: Afraid that we aren't much further along than we began.
Solis: hilfy, do you have anything to add to this?
Hilfy arches a brow
Zagadka: Clan members are willing to begin shooting... thye need a target.
Hilfy: Non. Not a hacker. Kittie is more knowledgeable in this area.
Silverstone: looks over at Kittie.
Solis: I wonder my dear, if you are sharing some knowledge with Kittle?
Solis: Ahh
Solis looks at Kittie
Kittiefixie looks at her half folded origami crane.
Kittiefixie: I don't know anything.
Kittiefixie: Nothing at all.
Zagadka nods
Solis: by the way ..
Silverstone: well thats not really helpfull then.
Solis: I'm going to have a ball soon if any of you lovely ladies might like to be guests of the Knights, anyone wishing to go will of course be escorted by a Patrol of my Knights. I do hear the music will be bright, the dancing light and the treats quite delicious!
Solis coughs
Kittiefixie: I have a few contacts I'm looking up.
Solis: anyway, sorry, back to teh details
Hilfy blinks staring at Solis
Silverstone: closes his eyes and sighs.
Zagadka coughs
Solis smiles
Zagadka: In any event...
Leileena smiles briefly
Zagadka: We are following new security measures. This includes moving our resources to a read-only system, as I mentioned earlier...
Solis nods
Zagadka: We are also doing more screening of participants. This includes checking in with Kittiefixie at the door to match our logs with attendance.
Accellerator tilts his head to the side a bit
Zagadka: We still welcome our visitors, but we also need to keep track of everything we can.
Kittiefixie raises her hand
Zagadka: Yes?
Silverstone: We still do have the locking mechanism on the doors, so they are useable if needed
Zagadka nods
Zagadka: That would be useful, Commander
Zagadka: We'll implement it next meeting, I hope.
Silverstone nods.
Zagadka nods to Kittiefixie
Leileena raises a hand
Solis raises his gloved fist
Silverstone: Ill reactivate them later on.
Kittiefixie: I'm thinking that maybe I could make a sign or something. If I could get a card or a key for the door, that would be helpful too for letting people in after screening them
Hilfy glances over her shoulder again, looking to the origami then back to Kittie
Silverstone: Could make entry cards i suppose
Zagadka: A sign would be nice. I seem to recall that, years ago, we used a 'crat bot renamed. Maybe we can work something out with... a leet or something.
Zagadka shrugs
Kittiefixie looks pleadingly at Fya
Hilfy turns back to the front and raises her hand
Zagadka: Yes, Hilfy?
Hilfy: Permission to speak.
Zagadka: Granted
Hilfy: Am awaiting a comm message from...and informant. May have more information.
Zagadka raises an eyebrow
Zagadka: Excellent, please keep us informed.
Silverstone: Let me know if you hear anything.
Silverstone: anything usefull
Zagadka: I believe that Miss Chan had a comment next
Leileena nods
Zagadka: The floor is yours
Leileena: It was along the same lines of Ms Katsulas really, if personal keys are implemented the Newland City council might need one or two.
Leileena: Minister Phare can't always attend these meetings, I'm not sure if she has a key, but one of the other ministers might need access to cover for her if that's okay.
Silverstone: Im sure we will make sure the keys will be distributed to those needing it
Leileena: Also, service towers are quite handy for signposting.
Leileena nods
Leileena: Thank you.
Zagadka: Very good points, thank you
Kittiefixie drops the origami on the floor, typing on her comms unit
Zagadka: I supose Commander Silverstone is the best to handle security for the Tower
Solis looks up
Zagadka 's eyes dart
Zagadka: Sir Solis, you had a comment?
Silverstone: Ill see what i can do
Solis: I did
Solis nods
Zagadka: Go ahead
Solis: Just a thought
Solis: Can I ask what model scanners you are using? On our recent mission in the Shadowlands our Patrol used modified Scanners to check DNA sequencies, something we are trialing, might that be of any help to you? It scans a DNA Sequence Code which is only changed slightly when the scanned target has been through reclaim recently. A long shot but if anything helps?
Silverstone: Im ashamed to admit it, but it seems like a good idea.
Solis snickers
Leileena: Might counter those cyborgs too if that technology ever shows up again.
Solis nods
Silverstone: but whats the cost of this scanner?
Zagadka: It is a good idea. A bit out of my technical understanding, but the gist is there
Accellerator takes a quick drink
Accellerator Raises his hand
Zagadka eyes Kittiefixie and Hilfy for a moment
Zagadka: Yes, Mr. Blackwolf?
Solis: I understand the cost is minimal, it requires a coding change, one we can achieve through the services of a small company run by a friend of yours Silverstone
Hilfy nods slightly and looks over at Zagadka, holding her hand up again
Zagadka: ... as I understand things, the Rubi-Ka economy isn't exactly... limited....
Silverstone looks at Solis.
Silverstone: Dont tempt me to send you back to reclaim...
Solis: My apologies
Solis: Some ... bad experiences in the Shadowlands
Accellerator: The only problem I can see with DNA scans is how the areas can mutate ones sequences. We used a type of DNA scan as an alarm while on patrol in the outzones
Kittiefixie slowly picks up her origami again, looking down at it
Accellerator: There were times they would give false alarms, due to the environmental conditions we were subject too.
Solis nods
Solis: This is slightly different
Zagadka: I'm sure we can iron out details. For now, we'll stick with Kittiefixie checking visitors in person until we can have a more robust system presented
Silverstone: Yep.
Solis: it measures differences between the target before and after reclaim
Zagadka: Now, Hilfy, you had news?


Hilfy: Request to CoT. Possibility to could keep informant safe, should he come here?
Silverstone: nods.
Zagadka: If the Commander agrees, we would certainly accept any help at this point
Silverstone: Sure, bring him here


Kittiefixie: There is plenty of time before the next meeting. Several interviews may be had.
Silverstone: Yep, send any information in our direction and im sure we can think of something.


Zagadka: One other item I wanted to bring up was some chatter I heard about conflicts in 4 Holes, but I really can't get much more into that
Zagadka: Just keep heads up for any news on that area
Silverstone nods.
Solis smiles
Hilfy nods, listening
Zagadka: It seems that many of us have some work to get to. I'm glad we have a course of action and volunteers to accomplish these things
Zagadka: Please do not hesitate to contact myself or each other. ... and be careful
Solis looks around slowly
Kittiefixie nods half-heartedly.
Zagadka: Does anyone have anything new to introduce?
Silverstone: No
Solis: then I bid you farewell until next time
Zagadka: Well, then. Thank you all for your participation and efforts. Good hunting.
Zagadka nods
Silverstone: Im off for a drink. ill be found at the usual place if im needed.
... End of Logfile


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