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Mar 19, 29491
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Hours before the Council meeting, an attack was conducted against the Clan outpost at Wine by Omni-Tek forces using dropships. They were repelled after reportedly finding an unknown goal. One ship was shot down by defenses.

Leileena looks over to the other quarter
Leileena: Redecorating?
Leileena shrugs
Zagadka looks up and glances around
Zagadka: Ah. Well, really not sure, actually
Zagadka: Been on a bit of a vacation
Leileena: I see
Hilfy: There are squatters in the Tower of Truth?
Zagadka: Seems like our leaders are on vacation, too
Leileena: It would appear so
Hilfy: Interesting.
Zagadka: I can't see Silverstone being happy about that
Leileena: Well, isn't mr Silverstone responsible for tower security in the first place?
Zagadka: ... and it is something of a security issue, now that I think about it
Solis: good day
Leileena: M'lord
Hilfy nods a greeting to Solis
Zagadka: Good day
Solis removes his Helmet and flicks his hair back
Zagadka: I think we'll give people a few more minutes to filter in
Corker: Uh.
Corker: Who the hell are you lot?
Hilfy: Hello.
Zagadka looks at Corker, a bit taken aback
Hilfy arches a brow
Hilfy: Council of Truth meeting participants. Who are you?
Corker: Meeting? You still have meetings?
Hilfy blinks looking at the woman
Corker: Well... keep it down, alright?
Corker: We've got kids over there.
Hilfy: Why?
Zagadka: Now I would very much like to talk to Silverstone...
Leileena: I don't believe you've answered miss Hill's question, who are you?
Solis: You do? this is a little odd, what's going on?
Corker: Oh, not Simon. He's still alive?
Corker: Ugh.
Zagadka looks at his datapad briefly
Zagadka: Hm.
Hilfy throws a quick glance over her shoulder at Maneus
Corker: I'm... well, me. Hi.
Solis: continues to polish his blade carefully
Hilfy: Hello, Me. State your intent for occupying this building.
Solis: Why are there children here?
Leileena smiles
Solis: Let me see
Zagadka: I think you may be able to help us, actually.
Corker: It seemed like a good place for them. It's warm, quiet (usually)... and empty... mostly.
Solis: Mostly?
Leileena: How did you end up here?
Hilfy lightly arches a brow again
Solis: How did she get in is more prudent dear
Corker: My ID still works. So...
Corker shrugs.
Solis: Who do you work for?
Leileena: I didn't ask how you got in here, I asked how you ended up here
Corker: Right. Okay. Hang on.
Maneus sits up and listens intently.
Corker: What do you want to ask first?
Corker: Should we form a queue or something?
Solis: looks around
Hilfy: Standard procedure for CoT meeting would be acceptable. Raise hand. Wait. Speak.
Corker: So. You guys are... the Council, right?
Leileena: A council, anyway
Leileena smiles
Zagadka: Parts of it, at least
Corker: I don't remember any of you. But okay.
Hilfy inclines her head a fraction
Hilfy: Query. Who do you remember?
Corker: Henry, of course. Joshua. Ruth. Simon. Uhm... What's his name... Eco something?
Leileena: Red
Corker: Yeah!
Corker: Red.
Solis: Thank you, I raised my pretty hand, now I want to see who these people are, are they through there Miss er?
Corker: Oh! And Galahad. Heh.
Corker: looks Tristram up and down.
Solis: gazes at Miss Corker softly
Hilfy: ~ Henry...Radiman? It's been a while for her, non? ~
Corker: Oh sure. Everyone's a bit tired. But they won't mind visitors.
Solis: nods
Zagadka: We were going to discuss Radiman in a bit
Zagadka watches the procession go
Zagadka shrugs
Zagadka: After yiy
Leileena smiles briefly
Solis: So you have little ones here
Corker: Yeah.
Corker: grins at Garry.
Solis: Well, you'll be safe here little ones
Zagadka warms his hands over the fire
Hilfy looks around at the group
Corker: Oh! I should probably explain...
Zagadka: Were you feeling some pressure from... Omni-Tek? Or maybe...
Maneus spits at the name "Omni-Tek"
Corker: You heard about Wine this morning, right?
Solis: I did hear something
Zagadka glances at the Council members
Corker: Awesome. Well not awesome. But yeah.
Solis: We should post some extra guards I think, as a precaution
Corker: nods at Solis.
Leileena looks around
Hilfy lightly clasps her hands infront of her, and waits for the woman to finish speaking
Corker: So Wine got all... Omnified for a bit.
Corker: And then there was a battle.
Corker: And then there were all these ruined homes and stuff.
Solis: What are they up to? Any idea? My intel isn't complete yet, I'm waiting for reports to come through
Maneus clenches a fist.
Corker: So I thought "I know where there's somewhere warm and quiet that basically no-one ever goes."
Corker: And here we are.
Solis: breathes in sharply
Solis: children will always be safe here
Corker: Up to? Oh. Yeah they're uh, looking for someone.
Solis: ladies too
Solis: They shall not prevail, rescue all the women and repel the invaders!
Solis looks
Solis: Who?
Hilfy: Corker.
Solis raises an eyebrow
Solis: So what do you Miss Corker, have that is so important?
Corker: Omni-Tek. You know? Shiny uniforms, lots of black, offical-looking documents?
Zagadka: Anything to do with the Shadowlands, by chance?
Corker: Oh! Right. You meant me.
Corker: Me. I guess. I dunno.
Corker: shrugs
Solis: Zagadka, why do you think of the Shadowlands?
Zagadka: Something was mentioned at our last meeting about a connection
Corker: You're not gonna hand me over are you? Cause you know... don't do that.
Zagadka: I suppose it was a false lead
Solis gazes into the fire
Zagadka: It is Commander Silverstone you really need to convince, but for the time being, be welcome
Solis: looks up at Corker sharply
Solis: is it?
Hilfy: Would be an effective means of ending the Omni raids into Clan cities. Hand you over. For the safety of the children. Their homes. Non?
Maneus grits his teeth
Solis nods
Solis: Perhaps
Maneus: Are all the Clans so willing to please Omni-Tek?
Corker: Oh, cool. I mean. I was pretty sure you wouldn't throw kids out on the street, but you know... politicians.
Solis: But for now we have extended our hospitaility
Corker looks at Hilfy.
Hilfy glances at Maneus
Leileena: So, I missed the last meeting, and I feel like there's a lot I don't know at this point..
Corker: Um. Give me a second. I can probably come up with a good reason why not. Uhhhh...
Hilfy: Alternative. Execute the unit and send head to Omni. Omni would be displeased, and still have no more reason to enter Clan cities.
Solis: Has anyone scanned this Corker for recording equipment?
Zagadka: The Tower is supposed to be constantly scanned, I believe
Solis: I would'nt put it past omni to use children
Leileena points at the beeping drone
Leileena: And what about that?
Corker: Yeah. Holly's a bit broken right now.
Solis: Sounds like it
Corker: I know, I know. I'll get you out of here soon.
Zagadka: Do you know why the Omnis are after you so much?
Corker: Well that's what they do, right? Harass people for no good reason.
Solis: No reason?
Zagadka: We do have a little background information. Not much, but it raises some questions.
Hilfy: They have more to do than haras speople for no reason. If they seak you, they have a reason.
Hilfy looks Corker over and focuses on the weapon.
Zagadka: And if Omni wants them so badly, we need to know why
Solis: Miss Corker, put away the gun please
Corker: They're always pulling me over, calling me a clanner, and trying to take my guns.
Corker: Oh. You too?
Solis: Put it away, I didnt say hand it over
Leileena: This -is- a no weapons zone.
Maneus grins
Corker rolls her eyes and holsters her Electron Charged Pistol
Leileena smiles
Solis nods
Solis: So, are you a gun runner?
Corker: If by that you mean perfectly reputable trader, then yes.
Leileena chuckles
Zagadka continues tapping through logs
Solis snickers
Zagadka glances at Hilfy
Solis: Well, I have urgent business to attend to, please ensure I get a full report on this Corker lady and where is that overrated Simon anyway?
Solis sniffs huffily
Hilfy perks a brow
Zagadka: Good hunting, Sir Solis
Corker: I don't know. Frowning people to death?
Hilfy: Safe travels, Sir Solis.
Solis: I'll bid you all farewell for now, a party soon at the Castle I think, I will send invites to teh ladies to attend teh ball of course
Solis: nods
Corker: Say hi to Galahad for me!
Leileena nods
Leileena: M'lord
Leileena: Right..
Zagadka: Well, we do have some points in our meeting that is supposed to be taking place
Corker: Don't let us keep you!
Leileena: I believe we have some more, now
Zagadka: Our... guests will limit the censoring, but we should get by
Hilfy: Query, before we continue meeting.
Leileena: The question is, what is the security clearance of these individuals
Hilfy: Corker unit, are you willing to share any information as to why Omni is destroying Clan towns to find you?
Corker: None. I let them in.
Zagadka: I'd imagine... not very high
Corker shrugs in Hilfy's direction.
Corker: Profit?
Zagadka squints
Hilfy arches a brow
Zagadka: When you are comffortable sharing your intel, we will be waiting.
Corker: Oh okay! Have a fun meeting! Don't forget the minutes!
Zagadka: That is problematic...
Hilfy: Oui.
Leileena: Before we start..
Zagadka: Yes?
Leileena: I'm having some difficulty grasping the scope of the situation. Is there a way I can get an update on the last meeting? I only have access to the redacted notes on the public page.
Zagadka: Ah
Zagadka: I can send them to you... have them right in front of me
Leileena: That would be most helpful
Zagadka: Which includes Hilfy mentioning Corker
Hilfy tilts her head, looking very much as if she were reading over data scans
Hilfy blinks a few times and looks around again
Zagadka: And I put a note here about using the Shadowlands in operations, but it seems misplaced. It was on the page about Corker, along with a high priority intercept to gain intel Omni is chasing her for
Corker: Sure!
Leileena nods
Zagadka: In any even,t since we wanted to... well, capture, Corker anyway, having her tribe living here is a good deal
Zagadka: A security nightmare, but...
Leileena: Could you send those minutes to my comm?
Hilfy blinkings and tilts her head again as she continues to read something off a HUD display.
Zagadka: In the meantime, we do have good news, Kittiefixer's contact and brother was released from captivity, and is now resting at an undisclosed location
Leileena: That's good to hear
Zagadka: I had been hoping for Jacobi to be able to assign some eyes on the house, but we'll make do
Zagadka: And Kittie wants to give the whole meeting another go
Zagadka: Unfortunately, we've concluded that there needs to have been a leak inside
Hilfy arches a brow at that
Zagadka: I don't think we are currently at a security level to discuss it at the moment...
Zagadka: But very few people knew of the operation in detail. I certainly didn't.
Leileena picks up a datapad and quickly scrolls trough some files
Hilfy raises her hand
Zagadka: Yes?
Hilfy: If this information should be of use, took the liberty of initiating basic scans to gather information on the Corker unit.
Zagadka nods
Zagadka: Very useful
Hilfy: Results indicate the unit is a Solitus female in her 40's, Neutral as no clear indication of clan affiliation or tokens was registered. She does have valid security clearance for the tower. Is armed with Electron Charged Pistol. Probe unit shows an AI chip installed.
Zagadka: ... does have clearance?
Hilfy: Oui. Access is valid. Any known unit fit that description in the current or past record of Tower personell?
Zagadka shakes his head
Maneus frowns
Zagadka: Well, we do have some news


Zagadka: We are giving Leileena a moment to look through some data
Leileena looks up briefly, smiles, then continues reading
Zagadka: The other lead I want to put down in minutes is the Shadowlands connection. For some reason, I'm obsessed with that.
Zagadka: In any event, we have net good news... Corker is here, [Redacted] is safe, and we are moving forward
Maneus continues to raise his hand
Zagadka: Oh, sorry, I didn't see yoiu
Zagadka: You have the floor
Maneus: Are we just going to gloss over the fact Omni-Tek launched an assault on Wine?
Maneus grunts in frustration
Zagadka: If Sir Tristram is still waiting to get information, it may have happened too recently to be reported on here
Hilfy: Can investigate the area after meeting, perhaps something was left behind?
Zagadka: Without him, SIlverstone, and Jacobi (et al)...
Leileena nods
Maneus sighs, sitting back down
Zagadka: Investigations sound nice
Leileena: I haven't seen any reports of it yet, not even a news article, it'd be good to have more on the attack.
Zagadka: We rarely get to be proactive
Maneus mutters
Maneus: that wasn't always the case...
Zagadka: I agree, I remember many good raids. But we don't have the numbers at the moment to act unilaterally.
Hilfy raises a hand
Zagadka: Yes?
Hilfy: Perhaps, joined training operations and mixed clan units to investigate would be of use?
Hilfy: Would be interesting to mix together different units. May aid in identifying where the leak is comming from?
Hilfy: Done.
Zagadka: Agreed
Zagadka: I don't see the numbers right now, but we can try to get some hands on deck
Hilfy nods
Zagadka: To outline our goals for the next meeting; Figure out Croker, plan another meeting with an informant, recruit some other clans for attendance, try to find a signal or hint of Radiman... anything else?
Hilfy: You mentioned Shadowland connection?
Hilfy: Anything to investigate in that direction?
Zagadka: Ah, yes... I'd like to investigate that, but it is partly theory going on in my head. If Corker is tied to it, as my notes indicate, however, we have something to work with
Zagadka: We also need a further investigation into Wine
Hilfy raises a hand
Zagadka nods to Hilfy
Hilfy: Would sugest travelling there right after this meeting. Before any potential information left there is lost, covered up or corrupted.
Zagadka: I'd be interested in that, yes
Leileena: All of us?
Hilfy: If available, oui.
Leileena nods
Zagadka: More the merrier
Hilfy: Not Corker unit, obviously.
Leileena: I realize I'm a guest here, but if I'm allowed I'd like to help
Zagadka looks over his shoulder at Corker
Zagadka: We would be happy to have you along
Maneus: I'm going too.
Leileena nods
Zagadka smiles
Hilfy looks back
Zagadka: Just one thing to check...
Hilfy: Query. Who are you?
Zagadka: No evesdropping, at least
Leileena nods
Maneus: Who am I?
Hilfy: Oui. You are unknown unit.
Maneus grins widely, bowing
Zagadka cracks his knuckles
Zagadka: Haven't actually been to Wine in ages
Maneus: I'm Maneus
Hilfy lightly arches a brow
Maneus: I represent those most....sympathetic to the Clan cause.
Hilfy: Interesting. You attend the meeting first time today, non?
Maneus: That is correct.
Hilfy: ...same day that Wine is attacked and Corker arrives at the Tower.
Maneus looks agitated
Maneus: That's why I'm here
Hilfy: You knew of the attack before arriving here?
Maneus: Don't you think we ought to seek out the scene before all traces of Omni's crimes have vanished?
Maneus points to the door
Maneus: While we're in here pissing away at political intrigue, they're out there doing who knows what.
Zagadka shrugs
Zagadka: Let's get a move on, then
Maneus: Shall we?
Hilfy: Interesting. So you wish the tower to be left as quickly as possible.
Maneus sighs
Hilfy: Is extra security on the building possbile?
Zagadka: It isn't empty, Corker is here
Zagadka grins
Hilfy: Corker! Request. Secure doors to Tower!
Hilfy leans over shouting
Zagadka: We'd have to talk to Silverstone, but he keeps reassuring me that security is good. Even with our issues. And Corker.
Corker: right yeah! I'll lock up behind you.
Hilfy: Sentinels are too inefficient to be adequate security.

After the meeting concluded, Council members, along with Minister Leileena and Maneus patrolled Wine and the surrounding areas in search of clues about the attacks hours before. A room by room search, as well as analysis of the areas around the gates and reported path of the attack ships, turned up little new intelligence, though Council records have been updated on organizations operating out of Wine, some of which were hostile and required force to comply.


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