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Mar 19, 29491
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Begin of Logfile: 12.02.2017 -

Zagadka: Welcome to a special election meeting of the Council of Truth.
Hilfy perks a brow, looking back at Solis
Zagadka: Since we have a lot to decide this month, I will ask that we table all other issues unless they are critical.
Zagadka: Before we begin, though, I do have some announcements.
Solis: Just a moment if I may
Zagadka: One moment...
Zagadka: One moment, please. We will hear you in a second
Kittiefixie looks around, pausing.
Zagadka nods to Kittiefixie
Kittiefixie: No one left outside
Muriz glances over at Kittiefixie with a look of recognition.
Zagadka: Yes, Mr. Solis?
Kittiefixie waves at Fya, then sits down nearby
Solis: Jacobi has left us a message, our good old Blonde haired Defender has decided he cannot make this important Meeting, I will have you know, I cancelled an important Ball to be here.
Zagadka: So noted.
Zagadka: Before we begin, though, I do have some announcements.
Zagadka: I am proud to anounce that the Council is creating an official position of Head of Security, who will handle a range of fronts, from physical meeting security, protection of assests, and communication.
Zagadka: Kittiefixie will assume the role of security. Relevant requests may be submitted to her, and please cooperate with her in meeting and additional security requests.
Kittiefixie keeps an eye on the door, not putting her perennium down
Zagadka: Additionally, we will be officially appointing Hilfy to be our representative to the ICC, should cooperation be required.
Leileena smiles
Zagadka: Without further delay, we will allow the Legacy leaders a chance to speak to their ideas of Clan leadership.
Zagadka: There is an official record, which will be updated, on the gridsite at
Kittiefixie looks slightly surprised, but smiles.
Hilfy smiles faintly at Kittiefixie
Zagadka: Commander Silverstone of the Sentinels has posted his speech at that location. He can not join us in person at this time. As noted, neither can Mr. Jacobi
Zagadka: I suggest the speakers speak loudly enough for the gallery to hear them.
Zagadka: May I first present Sir Tristram Solis of the Knights of Avalon
Solis looks around the Chamber
Solis: Ladies, gentlemen
Solis: I am pleased to see so many here
Solis: It bodes well for the future
Solis: If we are serious about Clan Leadership ..
Solis: Are we not obliged to set out our stall and let all examine our wares? What is it we want to achieve?
Solis: Is it time for a new direction?
Solis: I rest my case for the present
Solis nods slowly
Kittiefixie glances at him while keeping the door in view
Hilfy raises a brow
Zagadka: Thank you. Next to speak is Kisra Delus of the Eco Warriors
Delus: Honored assembly, clerk, Clansmen, women and Atrox. My Dears!
Delus: I will address the council about the election, on the agenda the Eco Warriors and I find important, and why this means we find this important for a future for Rubi-Ka.
Delus: We have fought many dangers. Some have met and fought against invasion. Some fight in the battle stations. Some have fought on the brink of Shadowland against corruption. Some addresses politics. Some strives for producing Notum, works for the Clans in other ways, but we are thriving! We survive!
Delus: The flows who connects us, extends outwards. We are, in a way, One. The unity of this world, the sanctity of nature, is paramount. We are here, because of the dedication and stalwartness of the clans!
Delus: But the ecology is in danger, we must protect Rubi-Ka, its natural resources, and flora and fauna against the damage of war, exploitation and destruction!
Delus: As a Speaker, my interests would be to steer us towards a future. It is the view of Eco Warriors, the Clan and Omni conflict must end. What happens here, affects everyone in the galaxy; since Rubi-Ka is the centre, where the flows from the Shadowlands affects us all, no one can escape the fate of this planet! Since the Notum the galaxy use, comes from here, the fate of all, are the fate of Rubi-Ka!
Delus: The sacrifices have not been in vain, fight corruption, fight oppression! Fight for our freedom against those who will take ours! But take heed. As the fragmented Shadowlands is connected to this planet, what happens here affects life. Finding ways to ‘fight’ beside armed combat, is important. We need peace.
Delus: If the assembly want to have an agenda of ecological balance, an agenda of ending the conflict with Omni-Tek, but still want independence and a lasting solution, vote for me as the Speaker in the coming election.
Muriz bows her head as Kisra finishes.
Zagadka: Muriz of the Pilgrims is next
Muriz stands.
Muriz: You may not know me. I am Elder Muriz, of The Pilgrims. Thank you for letting me speak.
Muriz: I will not keep you long.
Muriz: looks at each of the assembled in turn.
Kittiefixie looks at Muriz as if trying to remember something.
Muriz: Whispers spread even into the Outzones...
Muriz: The Omega are rising.
Muriz: Many of the Pilgrims have followed me back to the terraformed zones.
Muriz: We must be ready. We will be ready.
Muriz: I ask to take the Pilgrims' old seat on the Council, and to stand for election as speaker.
Muriz: If you will follow me, I will lead you.
Muriz: If you will not, then hear my warning:
Muriz pulls a small device from inside her cloak and presses a button...
Muriz plays an audio file:

Male: Rise, solitus.
Female: I have a message from the CEO.
Male: Speak it.
Female: A truce. She knows who you're looking for. Cease hostilities and you can look together.
Male: Your leader is a liar and a manipulator. There will be no truce.
Female: Then I'm to deliver another message: Return to the citadel. You've started a war you will not win. Go back and she will forget this ever hap- *strangled gurgling noises*
Male: No. You go back. Tell her there is another war - one that she deserted for a petty title.
Female: O-Omega, please...

Male: So fragile... I forget the limitations. Will you be incarnated this far out? Will you be able to deliver my reply?
Female: Wait! St- *frantic struggling and a final gurgle as the struggling ends*
Male: No matter. I will tell her myself... It is time we left the shadows.

Zagadka glances at Kittiefixie momentarily
Kittiefixie stares as she listens
Hilfy tilts her head listening.
Muriz: Did everyone hear?
Hilfy: Oui. Heard.
Zagadka nods
Solis raises his hand
Kittiefixie raises a hand, cautiously
Zagadka: I will enter that into the record as a note...
Muriz: Then you know the danger. Thank you.
Zagadka: Very... well, thank you.
Muriz looks at Kittiefixie and nods.
Kittiefixie: Who were those..? Who is Omega?
Kittiefixie looks shaken
Muriz: The Omega are the ancient enemy of the solitus. The enslavers.
Hilfy: CEO. Omni CEO?
Muriz: It would appear so.
Muriz returns to her seat.
Kittiefixie seems confused but says nothing more
Zagadka: We will certainly weigh those words before the next meeting
Zagadka: Finally, I will read out Commander Silverstone's words for the record
Zagadka: "Countless generations have passed since Omni-tek landed on our planet, it has been a period with events of decisive nature, Years of intense war to free our world from this infection which continues to plague our world."
Zagadka: "The war has not only been a curse, its also been a valuable lesson, who has truly tested the force and will of our people, the war laid bare all facts and events, its ruthless powers have torn down the veils and coverings that concealed the powers we all got within us to protect what we love and care for, our homes."
Muriz nods somewhat reverently to Kisra
Zagadka: "Our people has sacrificed their freedom and lives for our future generation to live in a peacefull world, a world where our children once will live withour fear of dying, a world where they can walk in the streets without fear for what might happen if they take one wrong step."
Zagadka: "Let us continue this fight, let us fight for what is right, for our world, our future, without this scum Omni-tek tainting our lands and lives."
Zagadka: "For freedom! For the Clan!"
Zagadka: End of statement
Zagadka: There will be a 5 minute break to decide on your vote
Solis: I am not finished Council, I am not finished
Kittiefixie glances at Solus again
Hilfy glances up at Solis
Solis looks at Elder Muriz
Kittiefixie: We should let him finish.
Solis: May I speak?
Zagadka: It is unusual, but you may
Solis: this is all very worrying Elder
Solis: Why now Elder Muriz? Why now? What is it that you bring to us? What is your destiny and how is it only now entwined with ours? How can you prevent this becoming reality?
Muriz looks up at Solis.
Zagadka: You may respond, Elder
Solis gazes down at Elder Muriz
Muriz nods and pauses for a second.
Muriz: Outside of the terraformed areas, there is only one thing that matters...
Muriz: Survival.
Accellerator nods agreeing
Solis: We all know that
Muriz: Survival is preparation.
Muriz: I have returned to prepare. And to help you if you will let me.
Hilfy sips her coffee, attention moving from Solis to Muriz and back.
Muriz: We will be ready.
Solis: Hmm
Kittiefixie shifts nervously
Zagadka: I will give a few more minutes to... digest everything happening.
Accellerator looks at Elder Muriz as if trying to "read" her
Hilfy raises a hand
Varnce: What is preventing you from assisting the council in this matter without being the council speaker?
Solis nods
Hilfy lowers her hand, glancing at Varnce with a nod
Kittiefixie looks down at her perennium in silence, biting her lower lip thoughtfully.
Muriz: You have my warning. And you will have my assistance. If you will follow me, I will lead you.
Hilfy raises her hand again
Zagadka nods to Hilfy
Hilfy: What is it you seek? It feels like coercion to warn and offer aid only if elected. Hence, it seems like you want something of the Clans.
Solis ponders
Muriz looks at Hilfy, pausing for a few seconds.
Muriz: If you allow me to take The Pilgrim's old seat, I will be here.
Hilfy: Can you take the seat, and assist even if not Speaker?
Muriz: Yes.
Hilfy nods, "Understood."
Zagadka approaches the podium and pauses
Zagadka: Thank you everyone for your time.
Zagadka: Because of the revelations of this meeting... we will have an interesting time until the next meeting.
Zagadka: Give me a moment...
Zagadka: Upon reflection, I am making the decision to delay the vote until the February meeting itself, where the Speaker will then take over.
Kittiefixie blinks slowly, uncertain
Solis looks up slowly
Zagadka: This will also allow organizations not present who may be interested time to know what the situation is and be involved
Zagadka: Spend the time thinking
Zagadka: Please keep up to date on events at the gridsite
Zagadka: You may file votes by sending Rubi-Ka certified mail to myself. Include your organization name and choice. This vote may be sent any time before the next meeting
Kittiefixie raises a hand
Zagadka: I would suggest that, if they are willing, members should hear more from the Legacy leaders
Zagadka: Yes, Kittiefixie?
Hilfy glances over her shoulder, "Oui. More information would be an asset."
Solis looks around thoughtfully
Kittiefixie: Next time you come here, please make an orderly queue outside so I can process you!
Kittiefixie: And ask a few brief questions!
Kittiefixie looks around.
Solis: Mr Speaker
Kittiefixie: It's just security protocol. Thank you!
Kittiefixie sits back down
Zagadka: (( Votes should be sent via the mail terminals. If you can not access one, have someone send a mail on your behalf identifying you ))
Zagadka: Yes, Sir Tristram?
Solis slowly stands up
Solis looks at kittiefixie
Solis: Firstly, I agree with Madam kittiefixie, security is of the utmost need here
Kittiefixie glances over her shoulder
Solis: Now, I know I brought Elder Muriz here, under my protection and my esteemed escort
Solis: I believe that, if we are indeed under threat, then we do need to listen and adhere to any warning that may come
Solis: now, Elder Muriz ..
Hilfy sips her coffee
Solis: Can I just say ..
Solis: The Pilgrims
Solis: We owe it to these people to listen, I say, give them a chance..
Solis: Let's protect ourselves from this danger if it is there ...
Leileena nods
Solis: With the tools we most need
Solis nods at Elder muriz
Solis: Thank you
Zagadka nods
Zagadka: Are there any questions?
Varnce: Will mr Jacobi still be eligible for vote, despite not speaking today?
Solis snickers
Zagadka: Yes. He may file a statement at a later date. I would suggest not voting until you can be sure of your choice.
Varnce: Thank you.
Zagadka: Anything else?
Kittiefixie breathes steadily.
Solis: raises his hand
Zagadka: Yes?
Solis slowly stands up
Solis: Just that we are holding another Ball shortly and all are invited of course
Hilfy: Day and time?
Leileena nods
Leileena: Yeah, when?
Solis: I am usnure at this time, invitations will go out shortly, of course, ladies will be first served as always.
Solis nods
Leileena chuckles
Zagadka: Is there any urgent matter for the floor?
Kittiefixie slowly shakes her head
Hilfy takes a sip of her coffee, before replacing the lid on the mug and hidding it in a pocket.
Zagadka: Yes?
Solis slips a finger along the edge of his blade, feeling the hone.
Zagadka: Be sure to let me know if you have a need for the next meeting, and to check in with Kittiefixie
Zagadka: Thank you, members and Legacy leaders. We need feedback from all of the Clans. The logs will be posted for those who could not attend
Zagadka: The next meeting will be February 3
Zagadka: Happy holidays and good hunting. This session is over.
Kittiefixie: Thank you for the meeting, as always!
Zagadka nods, then shakes his head
Meany: Thanks for organising the meeting!
Solis slowly stands up
Zagadka: We have a special treat, in a chamber off to your left
Solis looks up
Kittiefixie stands up, looking around for Delus.
Zagadka: I suggest you check out what the citizens of Wine have provided us as after-meeting treats
Zagadka: ... I will go there now, for instance.
Kittiefixie: Treats, hmmm


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