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Apr 26, 29491
RST: 03:25

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... Begin of Logfile FEB 29492

Zagadka: Welcome to the February meeting of the Council. We have three main points to cover today...
Zagadka: To begin with, last month we announced the new position of head of security, Chief Kittiefixie
Zagadka: She has been productive and drafted guidelines for meeting attendance, which are now on the gridsite
Kittiefixie waves
Zagadka For this, the first meeting, I will let her outline the roles
Zagadka nods to Kittiefixie
Kittiefixie stands up again
Kittiefixie: Thank you!
Solis nods
Kittiefixie: So, as said, I've drafted up some security protocols as I found them missing. You can find them on the gridpage over at:
Kittiefixie: The most important things to keep in mind is that from now on I will do a security check on attendees before they're allowed to enter, but I eventually have to get in here.
Kittiefixie: If you have any questions about the security protocols, feel free to ask me either at a meeting or per message.
Kittiefixie: looks around nervously
Solis smiles
Zagadka nods
Kittiefixie: Considering the state of things lately, please also notify me or Clerk Zagadka if you see anything suspicious.
Kittiefixie: Thank you for your attention.
Kittiefixie: Any questions right now?
Leileena: None here
Zagadka: Alright, thank you! And thanks to all attendees while we start this process.
Kittiefixie sits down again, watching the door
Zagadka: Before we get to the most expected topic, I would like to take a moment to note a recent event...
Zagadka: Last week, an alien force managed to get through global defenses and land in Old Athen
Zagadka: The incursion was quickly contained by alert citizens and Vanguard forces
Zagadka: Mr. Jacobi's units are to be thanked, but I am sure we could see just as dedicated respones from other cities
Zagadka: That out of the way...
Zagadka: The issue of Council Speaker was tabled last meeting after the information bomb about the Omega, so members would be able to digest the information
Zagadka: Several votes have been cast via mails to me, and those are recorded. The final moments of voting will be now, where I will give....
Zagadka eyes the chamber
Zagadka: Well, whatever audience we have, the chance to vote
Zagadka grins
Zagadka: I also found a place to use these bloody vases...
Leileena grins
Kittiefixie raises an hand
Zagadka: Any futher vote-
Zagadka: Yes?
Kittiefixie: Just for the protocol: is Minister Chan allowed to vote?
Zagadka: I'm afraid not, no
Kittiefixie: Check
Kittiefixie: And I'll place my vote in there?
Zagadka: THough I couldn't prevent her from yelling out who she would prefer... I suppose...
Zagadka: Yes, as I was saying, just drop the vote in there
Kittiefixie drops an origami leet in the vase
Kittiefixie: There
Zagadka collects the vase
Zagadka: Would the Legacy leaders like to make a comment before I do a final count?
Kittiefixie peers over her shoulder
Delus clears her throat
Zagadka glances up
Solis: Yes
Solis glances around
Solis sighs
Delus looks over at Tristram
Solis: Am I allowed to speak?
Zagadka: Yes
Solis: Good
Kittiefixie turns to listen better
Solis: We have had some notifications, some speeches
Solis looks around
Solis: From some who are here and some who are not
Solis: I do remember one astounding Citizen mentioning .. 'Our people has sacrificed their freedom and lives for our future generation to live in a peacefull world, a world where our children once will live withour fear of dying, a world where they can walk in the streets without fear for what might happen if they take one wrong step. Let us continue this fight, let us fight for what is right, for our world, our future, without this scum Omni-tek tainting our lands and lives. '
Solis: Hmm, I fail to see this person here, in attendance, in this election fight which, I may add is very important, to us, to all of our futures, for our children and for our planet.
Solis sighs
Solis: Having said that ..
Delus nods
Solis: I have to consider
Solis: Against that statement
Solis: I have to regard this one
Solis: 'The sacrifices have not been in vain, fight corruption, fight oppression! Fight for our freedom against those who will take ours! But take heed...
Solis: ..As the fragmented Shadowlands is connected to this planet, what happens here affects life. Finding ways to ‘fight’ beside armed combat, is important. We need peace.
Solis: I suggest it is a new time here
Solis looks at Kisra Delus
Kittiefixie nods slowly at his words, thinking
Solis: A new time for Leadership
Delus looks suprised up at Solis
Solis: I suggest Kisra Delus should be our advisor in matters of wisdom, our new Speaker
Solis nods
Kittiefixie turns to the new person, raising her perennium
Nevarden cough
Solis stands on guard
Kittiefixie: Wait, who are you?
Nevarden: hello, i am Nevarden.
Nevarden: an honour to meet you.
Kittiefixie glances at Zagadka
Zagadka chuckles
Zagadka: You have impeccable timing
Kittiefixie: Is this the person you were waiting for..?
Kittiefixie remains tense
Zagadka: He does meet the description, yes
Zagadka: Please, have a seat
Nevarden: thank you
Solis relaxes
Zagadka: With mind to Sir Tristram's statement, I'll give a few seconds for any other comment
Kittiefixie watches Nev, running a short check on the name.
Zagadka: Nevarden, Kittiefixie would like to have a word with you after the meeting
Nevarden: understood.
Kittiefixie: Yes. Most definitely.
Kittiefixie settles down again, still tensa.
Nevarden feels nervous
Zagadka: Well, refocusing on the meeting...
Zagadka: I am proud to announce that the new Council Speaker for the coming year will be Ms. Kisra Delus
Solis inspects his blade
Solis smiles
Kittiefixie opens her mouth in surprise, but seems the happy kind
Delus smiles
Zagadka: I'll give the Speaker a moment to consider words and make a statement
Solis: Congratulations Ma'am
Kittiefixie cheers quietly
Delus: yes, a moment..
Solis: I am having a ball at my Castle soon ladies, and erm, gentlemen, all are invited for Truffles and exquisite wine tasting sessions in my Dungeons of course!
Solis: Oh, I do apologise my lady
Nevarden rubs his hands at the sound of that.
Solis raises his eyebrows and carefully considers
Kittiefixie glances at Nevarden, whispering "We still have a meeting after this."
Nevarden nods nervously towards her.
Delus: As already has been said, as the fragmented Shadowlands are connected to this planet, so will what happens here affect much of the planets outside. We need stability, and peace. I will do my best to take us to a new future, a bright future.
Solis runs a thumb along his blade glancing at Nevarden snickering
Kittiefixie: smiles at Delus' words
Solis raises a hand
Nevarden smiles
Zagadka: Yes, Mr. Solis?
Zagadka: Or rather...
Delus: We got some conflicts, and I assume all knows we meet aliens, rogue elements, and all who have visited Shadowlands knows, peace never comes easy. But we in Eco Warriors will lead the clans, if that is the will of this assembly. My thanks for your support, my dears!
Zagadka nods
Zagadka: Thank you
Solis: I have to say, perhaps it is time for the Eco Warriors to see what can be done.. After all, behind them, come the Blades of Reckoning.
Solis nods
Delus nods
Zagadka: This will all flow nicely to the end of this meeting...
Delus: We got a lot of work ahead, yes. The clans got a lot of work to adress the issues regarding the Shadowlands, and it's role..
Nevarden nods
Zagadka: First part: Does anyone have any news or update about the Omega? We have not heard more from The Pilgrims, though Ms. Pourais did deny any truth to collusion.
Nevarden mumbles to himself "It sure was dangerous out there recently..."
Solis frowns
Delus: Ah, yes...
Delus: I have a lead, I will look into. There is some leads..
Zagadka nods
Delus: Cannot promise any results mind you...
Zagadka: The second part would, actually, be your first official role, Ms. Delus, in deciding which direction we will approach this from, and I do believe the Shadowlands will be an important part.
Zagadka: You have the floor, Speaker
Kittiefixie glances over her shoulder at Delus
Nevarden stares at the woman with the antlers on her head...
Delus: Well, my lead is actually in the Shadowlands.. Where else might you find information about the Omega?
Delus: About the Omega, that is all I have for now...
Nevarden: forgive my interuption... what is this Omega?
Delus: ah, good question..
Zagadka nods
Solis flickers a frown at Nevarden
Solis looks up at Delus
Delus: the 'Omega' is something old, from the past. They were legendary, mighty...
Delus: But I know nothing specifically about the current event, just general history of them...
Kittiefixie raises an hand
Delus: yes?
Kittiefixie: After this meeting when I have a talk to Mr Nevarden I can inform him of what was said the last meeting about them
Kittiefixie: I have logs.
Delus nods
Kittiefixie: It might be convenient?
Zagadka: Maybe Mr. Nevarden can be caught up over some cocktails.
Delus: yes
Kittiefixie: I might offer him one.
Delus: And I hope the Pilgrims is able to be of assistance.
Kittiefixie nods slowly
Zagadka: Anything futher, Speaker Delus?
Delus: Tristram? Do you have any information about this?
Solis: I'm not sure
Solis: I have heard of something
Solis: relating to David Marlin
Delus blinks
Solis: I do need to speak with Delus after this meeting
Solis: If I may
Zagadka nods
Zagadka: And please feel free to keep us updated. 2 months between meetings is a long time
Kittiefixie taps on her datapad
Zagadka: So, if there is nothing further at this time...
Solis sighs in relief
Kittiefixie shakes her head at Zagadka
Zagadka: Congratulatsion to Speaker Delus again. The next scheduled meeting of the Council will be April 7 at 1900 RKST
Kittiefixie: Congratulations to Speaker Delus!

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