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Apr 26, 29491
RST: 03:24

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... Begin of Logfile APR 29492

Zagadka: Welcome everyone
Zagadka: It looks like today's meeting will mostly involve touching base and staying current in the records
Zagadka: What we will start with, hopefully from now on, is an opening statement from the Speaker
Zagadka: Ms. Delus, do you have anything to present?
Leileena goes trough her notes
Delus: yes, I have news from Eco Red.
Zagadka nods
Leileena: Hm
Delus: I have contacted a Ecclesiast among the Redeemed, and sent Eco Red to speak with the Ecclesiast in person.
Delus: The topic of discussion, was the rumored Omega. The Eco-Warriors wanted to hear what the denizens of Shadowlands knew of our adversary
Delus: What Eco Red and his fellow brought back, was a prophecy from Aurea.
Delus: an Empath. The prophecy was as follows:
Kittiefixie turns her head towards Delus
Delus: She said she dreamed of a great and ancient city being buried under snow.
Delus: We discussed it, and I think it is a clue of sort, to the Omega we are facing. I just do not know exacly how to understand the clue..
Zagadka nods
Kittiefixie raises a hand
Delus: looks at Kittiefixie
Zagadka: You have the floor, Kittiefixie
Kittiefixie looks at Delus
Delus: Go on
Kittiefixie: Excuse me, Speaker Delus, but that... makes no sense? Can't we ask Aurea to explain what she mean with that?
Kittiefixie seems confused
Delus: Well... The visions of the Empaths is, like this one, prophecies, visions.. But this is a prophecy seen in dreams, as happens, if i understand the Redeemed correctly..
Leileena raises a hand
Zagadka: Yes, Minister?
Leileena: I joined the Eco Warriors expedition into the shadowlands
Leileena: I have spoken with the Empath, she did mention a few more things about the Omega
Delus nods
Kittiefixie nods and looks away
Zagadka turns his attention back to Leil
Leileena: It seems they are affiliated with the unredeemed, and the redeemed have been in conflict with them for millenia
Leileena: The Empath said understanding the Omega is vital if we want to fight them
Kittiefixie looks at her comms, her eyes going wide in alarm as she scrambles to get up.
Leileena: She mentioned a few names, none seemed to match up with the leads we have so far
Kittiefixie: I'm sorry, I need to run
Leileena nods
Zagadka nods to Kittiefixie
Kittiefixie: Be safe everyone
Zagadka: Sir Tristram brought up the Shadowlands connect, we well, with David Marlin....
Delus: ah, the hero of the solitus rebellion, David Marlin..
Leileena: One of the names she mentioned was Carlos Truhillo, who serves an unredeemed named Vanya
Zagadka: Yes. Unfortunately, he was never able to claridfy his connection before the meeting ended.
Leileena: She also mentioned Eric Miller and Yuan Chi, they seem to all be active in particular parts of the shadowlands
Leileena: The presence of Omega outside of the shadowlands worried her, she mentioned a balance must have been upset
Leileena: Apparently the weakness of the Omega is their envy of each others position and power. There is a lot of infighting among the ranks of the unredeemed, and we may exploit that if we find out who the enemies of our enemy are
Delus: Good, good...
Leileena: The dream she spoke of was indeed vague. People present speculated it might be connected to the ruins in Penumbra
Zagadka: Penumbra seems a bit too on the nose, but we have to start somewhere
Leileena nods
Leileena: One of the omega she spoke of is there, and some others were mentioned as well, maybe we can find out more about them
Delus: Yea, but city buried under snow?
Delus: Have we missed old xan ruins? 0r an old temple? ..
Leileena: I don't have answers any more than you do.
Leileena: Also, and I feel I must add this
Zagadka: Well, we can send expeditions into Penumbra catacomb-
Zagadka: Yes?
Leileena: Red was acting strangely, and tried to get the crowd present to assault me multiple times by claiming I concealed weapons
Leileena: Despite me not concealing weapons, and literally everyone else bearing weapons there
Leileena: This kind of infighting is the last we need at this point.
Delus: True..
Delus: I hoped Red learned something of the meeting, after all. He seems a bit sceptical of the Redeemed's agenda, not trusting their intentions.
Delus: He did find their ability to keep the ecology together admirable, though.
Leileena: He spent the entire meeting with the Diviner spouting non-relevant things and trying to get people to fight one another. I somewhat doubt he even saw the redeemed.
Leileena: I don't think he's particularly suited for this kind of assignment, or any assignment for that matter
Zagadka turns to Delus
Delus: Mr. Red do not have the insight of those who have meditated in the chambers of Elysium, or seen the flows.. Sir Tristram have his views and experieces, and even young Melev, Red's assistant, finds the Redeemed interesting.
Leileena nods
Delus: We will see..
Leileena: He was quite helpful, and infact mostly led the expedition.
Zagadka: I am mildly concerned about a rift from metaphysics...
Zagadka: I think it could easily divide the Clans
Delus: True, especially it worries me some clans do not attend meetings for long periods of time..
Zagadka: Well, we will do what we can to keep everyone informed. Or at least have data available.
Zagadka: Crossover with the Shadowlands should be interesting for most free citizens
Zagadka: We are able to go there... but so far they haven't had a similar crossover here, correct?
Leileena: Well, if the omega are active here that might indicate they have
Leileena: I'm not sure about the unredeemed themselves, but the omega work for them
Zagadka: Yea, this may be the beginning, and it probably won't be welcomed...
Zagadka: We may need to hire a Council metaphysicist to keep track of this all...
Zagadka shakes his head
Zagadka: Anyway, do we have anything further at this time?
Leileena: None from me
Delus: I do not, the message from Aurea is given the Council, and we just have to hope someone figure it out.
Zagadka: Well, this will be published, we'll have to find interested parties...
Zagadka: Maybe contact Jobe...
Zagadka: We haven't heard from them, officially, in a very long time.
Delus: Good point.
Zagadka: OK. We were going to have a security review from Kittie, but she has been called away... I will try to address her topics.
Zagadka: First, we are still working on a Tower lockdown system with Commander Silverstone
Zagadka: Second... we have witnessed a number of Silverstone's guards... under the influence. We wanted to let him know that he may want to review his troops.
Zagadka: We will need to get after people aggressively... especially metaphyscists. If there are dreams that need interpreting... we shouldn't be afraid.
Zagadka: Is there anything else for this meeting?
Leileena shakes her head
Zagadka: Ms. Delus?
Delus: well.. Not at the moment. I will see if we can figure out anything.
Zagadka nods
Zagadka: Tjere are the usual methods to contact anyone
Zagadka: Good hunting and take care, everyone
Leileena nods
Leileena: Good night
Delus: ok, an I will remind Silverstone to look into the issue of his guards...

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